Patrick Mahomes can do a lot of things on a football field. He can lead last second drives, throw the ball 70 yards and even throw no-look passes. Now even though Aaron Rodgers has come out and said that tons of guys throw passes like that, Mahomes is the one that gets talked about as some sort of wizard on the gridiron.

That being said, Patrick Mahomes doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude or grapefruits to throw this pass in an actual game.

Like He’s Done It Before

It’s the casualness that this quarterback displays that has me fascinated. He gets the snap, fakes a handoff, and then completely turns his back to the defense. With his back turned, he waits for what seems like an eternity. Then, he effortlessly hurls the ball in the air right into the waiting arms of his receiver. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

The accuracy needed to complete such a pass also needs to be talked about. We’ve all done this shot playing H-O-R-S-E and we know it has around a five-percent success rate of going in. The thing about H-O-R-S-E is, there isn’t anybody trying to hit you while you’re shooting. This guy throws it behind his back and it’s as on the money as Montana to Clark.

What I really hope was this was some of kind “Oopty Oop” type play that this offense ran. Better yet, I hope they ran this play to win some kind of championship and that they beat up their out of touch, selfish coach at halftime. What I’m saying is that I hope that this was exactly like Varsity Blues and this was the ending.

It Is His Fault

Back to Mahomes. I hope he’s caught wind of this and knows that he’s responsible for this play. If he just went out there and played the position of quarterback, conventionally, like a Derek Carr, no upstart high school player would even dream of doing this. Like how the Joker made The Batman by killing his parents, Mahomes created this monster. It won’t stop here. This will only continue. Thanks, Pat.

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