MLB midseason storylines to follow have been interesting and bigger than what we usually see at this point in the season. There is MLB’s foreign substance crackdown, all-star game drama, and the post-pandemic.

First, this has been an interesting and fun season, especially after the past year. It’s been nice to have sports and live events. There has been plenty of big stories in its return and MLB is halfway through the season. Here are three storylines mid-season storylines to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

Midseason Storylines

Foreign Substance Crackdown

Beginning this week MLB will enforce their crackdown on the use of foreign substances known as the sticky stuff on baseballs. This comes as the league ramps up their crackdown where players will be ejected and suspended for ten days with pay. Starting pitchers will be inspected twice a game. Relievers will be inspected at the end of the inning or when removed.

According to reports, MLB saw evidence that there was more use of the substances than they thought. It’s been noted that the strike-out rates are higher than they should be. While batting averages and other offensive stats are way down from years past so it alarmed the league enough to make a change.

This new crackdown does bring questions about how it will be enforced, how it affects a pitcher when are they stopping using it, and why now?  What happens next will be interesting because this could have a big impact on the game.

2021 All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star Game is another storyline to watch in the next few weeks. Since it is always fun to watch the best players in the league. MLB did cause some controversy when they moved the events to Denver due to voting issues in Georgia. Beyond it will still be an enjoyable event in a beautiful ballpark.

The Rockies will host all events like the Home Run Derby, 2021 Draft, Futures Game, and All-Star Game.  This year the Home Run Derby is going to be epic considering Coors Field’s reputation as a hitter’s paradise. The All-Star week will take place June 9 through July 13th.

More Midseason Storylines

Post Pandemic

After a tough 2020, it seems that everyone is finding their way back to seem the sense of normalcy including baseball. MLB is playing a full season after only playing sixty games last season with no fans in attendance and strict guidelines.  Now there are fans in the stands, more events, and even in-person interviews.

There are teams like the Rockies, Red Sox, and Rangers that are opening their ballparks to full capacity. The Red Sox is even hosting summer concerts featuring artists like New Kids on the Block. MLB has announced that they will induct Derek Jeter and Larry Walker into the Hall of Fame in September with no restrictions. So it’s nice to see things going back to normal in the game.

These are the midpoint storylines to pay attention to as the season rolls on. The 2021 season has brought fans plenty of entertainment and drama. For more sports and entertainment visit Belly Up Sports.

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