BKFC19: Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa Florida:

With three female flyweight fights, it was ladies night at BKFC19. And it was topped off with a bit of revenge for Rachael-Ostovich, as she up ended “12 Gauge” Paige VanZant via unanimous decision. The score cards read 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46.

But the news for the division started earlier in the day, when the organization announced they were bringing back “The Queen Of Bare Bare Knuckle”, and another former MMA veteran, Bec-Rawlings. The move sets up a plethora of possible fights now for a competitive division. They haven’t announced an opponent, but they did say the former undefeated champion makes her return in October. Rawlings, is coming off of a 1-1 stint in Bellator. And this comes on the heels of them signing Pearl Gonzales.

Ladies Night At BKFC19

Although the result was different this time between VanZant and Ostovich, upon hearing the result, the actions of “12 Gauge” were the same. She stormed out of the ring, right into the back. During her first fight, it took VanZant 4 1/2-rounds to get her feet under her. This time she was the experienced fighter.

But that made no difference despite her wanting to come out fast. Ostovich was loading up on her shots, and a pinpoint right hand found its target all night. VanZant did appear to make some adjustments and looked for her striking range. In the 4th-round though an Ostovich right put VanZant on ice skates.

Although both had their moments, that right hand was the story. Although when things got to dirty fighting in the clinch, VanZant wasn’t that bad. Afterwards Ostovich broke down and said she guesses she’s staying there. And speaking of revenge fights Britain Hart taught Jenny Savage a valuable lesson.

Blood Feud: Squashed?

After Hart beat VanZant at Knucklemania, Savage came into the ring looking to steal her thunder. There was then a lot of back and forth on social media, and trash talk by Savage. Hart had said no way she loses the week she gets married, and after she kicks Savage’s @s#, she wants an apology.

Hart, who has a height and reach advantage, prefers to fight at range. Compared to Savage, who loves to fight on the inside. With that, they started out being very measured with their attacks and then switched game plans. Hart mixed up a relentless attack on the inside, busting Savage up.

But hart wouldn’t escape untouched. Doing that, she wound up with a huge mouse over her right eye, which seemed to wake her up. Hart pushed forward with an all out blitz, rocking Savage. Which then forced referee Chris Young to stop the fight along the ropes at 1:55 into round 3, for the TKO.

The duo talked out their differences, appearing to squash the animosity; for now. By the stoppage hart out landed Savage 64-11 and out hit the body 24-1.

Ladies Night At BKFC19: Starting Things Off

Two-friends at 125-pounds faced off earlier. Former Invicta fighter, making her debut in BKFC, Cassie Robb got absolutely torched by Taylor Starling. It took “KillaBee” only 28-seconds into the fight to finish her via TKO. In Sterling’s first-fight she went all out in a unanimous decision win. This time she wanted to let her hands go, and that’s exactly what she did, swarming Robb along the ropes.

What’s Next?

With the roster coming together quite well, they now have enough for a tournament to crown a new champion if they so choose. And being the women continue to bring it, it might be the best thing they can do financially. And after all, that’s what’s most important.

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