For over a decade, Floyd Mayweather has been a prolific name in almost all boxing feats and his crossover fight with Jake Paul brought in staggering amounts of money for them both. Most are less aware of his penchant for gambling. He is often covering social media with his huge wins. Seemingly masking what must be millions in losses behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at some of his more notable achievements below.

Mayweather’s Gambling Past

2014 was a year to talk about for Mayweather, sharing two huge wins on social media for everyone to see. First was the March Madness session where he banked a cool $75,000. Perhaps his largest-ever victory came from a series of NFL matches and the Superbowl. Mayweather ended up walking away with a huge $4.7 million. While this isn’t the biggest win in the history of gambling by any means, anyone who can stake enough to land themselves nearly $5 million has got to be worthy of a shout-out.

2015 wasn’t as fortuitous for Floyd, but a combination of bets on NBA fixtures, alongside his bet on the Gennady Golovkin fight against Willy Monroe Jr. saw a healthy incoming win of $827,272.73 in March. His Instagram account said about as much when he published a picture of him lying in bed with heaps of money at the foot of it. Quoting Mayweather’s post – The last 4 days have been great. I’m getting paid while watching others entertain and perform. I don’t (do) anything for free, I bet $350,000 and walked away with $827,272.73. 

In 2015, a $200,000 bet on the Golden State Warriors against the Houston Rockets. The win saw him double his money to a cool $400k. He celebrated by nipping off to Seattle with his distant cousin Dejuan Blake on his private jet. This trip probably blew most of his winnings on the fuel alone.

In 2017, a smaller but still comfortable sum was shared after a spate of college football bets at $95,000; however, this came at the same time as a rumor was started in Maxim magazine. The publication noted he had lost as much as $50 million in the year. Perhaps his $95,000 was just a trickle flowing against a wave of losses that he thought best not to share. Even so, $95k on College Football is still something to brag about we guess.

Calming Down His Habits

At the end of the day, having been called out by McGregor and multiple stars from the ring for his compulsive gambling habits, you’d think there would be more of an outcry for Mayweather to calm down his betting compulsions. However, when you have a $30 million-plus collection of jewelry and cars and a property portfolio that runs into the multi-millions as well, there’s likely no shortage of cash for him to start panicking about. Although with people outcrying about climate change and his private jet seeing more miles than most commercial airliners, perhaps he should take a swing at the online bookies or a few of the online casino sites instead for a while.

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