Baseball is one of the best sports to bet on because of the huge number of games it offers compared to other sports. The MLB runs between April and October, consisting of 162 games for each team. That’s a total of 2,430 games over the six months. As a result, there are loads of opportunities for bettors, and MLB often offers great value odds compared to other sports. And that’s just the MLB. There are also international leagues to consider, including Asian and Caribbean baseball. 

Although it may not be as popular to watch as football or basketball, baseball is still one of the best options for bettors. It’s offered by all major sportsbooks, and it’s relatively easy to research too. That said, there are some big differences when it comes to betting on baseball.

Baseball is a moneyline sport, unlike football and basketball, where the majority of bets are placed on the point spread. This means that bettors must choose who will win the game, not who will cover the spread. There are also prop bets, run line bets, and options like the no run first inning bet, but they’re not as popular.

How to Choose a Bet in Baseball

Generally, in baseball, you want to bet on the favorite but avoid the heavy favorites. All the sportsbooks are well aware that casual bettors prefer to back favorites. As a result, they’ll take advantage of popular opinion and adjust the lines in their favor. This means that popular clubs like the Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs, and Dodgers will always be expensive compared to the true odds. Most regular bettors will wager on them whether the odds are -150, -180, or -200, but if you want to make money, you don’t want to think like a regular bettor. 

Another thing you should be aware of when choosing a bet is the weather. In all outdoor sports, weather can affect the game. It will make it easier or harder for the players and cause the ball to move in different ways. While the majority of bets are put on the moneyline, totals in baseball betting can still be profitable, especially when you factor in the weather. In strong winds inside, home runs can become warning-track outs, favoring unders. When the wind blows out, on the other hand, it may turn fly balls into home runs and favor overs.

Baseball Betting Tips

While the favorite will win the majority of the time, betting on the underdog can be profitable if you get it right. While the risk is higher, the money you can make from betting on an underdog makes it worth it if you find good value. The trick is taking the value of the plus money underdogs. While they may win fewer times throughout the season, you can still be in profit thanks to the bigger payouts. 

One of the most important aspects of long-term MLB betting success is keeping disciplined. Also, try restricting your wagers to the most important games of the day. Baseball, on the other hand, is one of the rare sports where high volume sports betting results in higher earnings. Provided you have a system that gives you a positive return, a higher number of bets will always give you a higher profit. There are loads of games to bet on, too, so you’ll always have a way to find value each time you bet.

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