Bayern Munich have increased their bid for the young English National once more, this time meeting the rumored £35M($45M) valuation thought to be given by Chelsea.

Bayern Munich have made significant contact

Bayern Munich Hudson-Odoi
Hudson-Odoi has been asking opinions on a move away

Bayern Munich have aspirations to obtain the 18 year old winger from Chelsea, sending in their fourth reported offer to the Premier League club, and with the lack of playing time under “SarriBall” one would think Hudson-Odoi is raring to get out of London. It is also being reported that Hudson-Odoi is warming to a move to the Bundesliga, even asking teammate Antonio Rudiger(a Germany International) about life in Germany. Sarri, in his first season in England, had a very promising start to his reign leading Chelsea. However, there have been issues in terms of the teams ability to score goals(even with superman Eden Hazard, yes) so it’s a tough pill to swallow letting an academy product leave without getting a fair shake at catching on with the first team. A decision made even more difficult when considering what Hudson-Odoi was able to do on the pitch recently when given the actual opportunity to be creative and help facilitate the Chelsea offense that needs all the extra help it can get.

Hudson-Odoi shows class in Emirates FA Cup

Goal One: 1:50 Mark, Goal Two: 2:50 Mark

Against Nottingham FC in the Emirates FA Cup, Hudson-Odoi was able to make Alvaro Morata look like a halfway decent striker(and trust me, that is no small accomplishment). Both goals came from Hudson-Odoi drawing the defense out very wide, and then placing two wonderful pinpoint crosses into a waiting Morata. The first goal showed what Hudson-Odoi is truly capable of accomplishing if given the opportunity for Chelsea. Hudson-Odoi received the ball on the right flank, but instead of taking the pass early he retreated a few yards back towards the touchline, opening up the defense just enough to shake the defender closing down and swing a low hard cross into Morata for a chip in. The IQ displayed on the pitch at such a young age is remarkable, he could have taken a hard first touch and gotten dispossessed as many underplayed 18 year old kids might have done. Instead, by letting the ball travel the extra few yards he gave himself many more options, and with the amount of skill possessed by him, giving him multiple looks at creating a goal is going to be tough to stop.

Will Hudson-Odoi believe Sarri will actually give him more chances?

Bayern Munich Hudson-Odoi
Sarri will now be hoping Hudson-Odoi gives him an opportunity

For Sarri’s part, after the display Hudson-Odoi was able to put on in the Emirates FA Cup, he labeled him at the same level as his much more senior squad wingers, Pedro and William. Whether that is true, or if he is just a better fit for the way Sarri likes to play, doesn’t really matter. The vote of confidence, albeit late, is a huge change from where Sarri has stood on playing Hudson-Odoi this campaign. It is possible the damage has been done and Hudson-Odoi simply is ready to move on from his academy club. In the end, Chelsea hasn’t been able to make any progress whatsoever on a contract extension for Hudson-Odoi and if they remain unable to garner Callum’s signature on a long-term extension, then the sale becomes almost a no brainer. I think Bayern is a massive club, with enough appeal to perk Hudson-Odoi’s interest level. I believe Chelsea does want to hold onto the young English International, almost no doubt about that at all. It just would appear the writing has been on the wall for a move away from Chelsea for Hudson-Odoi, and the rumblings won’t be going away anytime soon. January Transfer time is a wonderful time of the year, that is a certainty!

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