For many months, we heard Dean Ambrose was going to leave the WWE. On live television, we never really saw a decent match to his departure. The intensity and everything seemed to be building up for the Cincinnati native. Where could this ego of his be going? As a Dean Ambrose fan, I could feel the presence, I had that feeling it was coming, but wasn’t sure on how it would take into place. Jonathan Good has released the inner ego of Jon Moxley.

Jon Moxley Returns

10 hours ago, a video was posted to Dean Ambrose’s Twitter with a new name change and clearly a video showing that MOX has been released once again. 

Hints in the Video

There are hints in the video. Did you catch them? In the video, you see him walking by The Viper Room, which is located in Hollywood, CA. The Viper Room logo also includes two dice and the dice shown are 2 and 5. The date for Double Or Nothing is May 25, which happens to be AEW’s pay-per-view event. 

Next clue that could lead to AEW is his last WWE interview. Good talked about walking into the casino several years ago and now he is taking his chips and cashing in. All Elite Wrestling has casino references.  We also have more one clue to also believe Jonathan Good is done with WWE and looking for a new beginning. 

In the beginning of the video, he breaks out of prison. The obvious reasoning  is that he is breaking out of jail and the dogs are suppose to represent WWE trying to get him to stay, but he refused. 

What’s Next?

Will he be joining AEW? It’s all just a waiting game to see where he shows up, but wrestling fans know a return to WWE is obviously very unlikely at this point. Barbed wire isn’t allowed in WWE, or is it? 

The former WWE Champion is looking for a new start, new change, even if it means changing it back to where it all began.

 As a Dean Ambrose and a Jon Moxley fan, I look forward to see what is in the future for the lunatic. 

Author: Kayla McCurry

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