ERSCA All-Star Fan Vote

It’s that time of year! The time to place your ERSCA All-Star Fan Vote! Below you will see four different categories labeled A through D. Each category will house 11-12 drivers that are eligible for fan voting for the 2020 ERSCA Season! The driver with the highest total number of votes will automatically make it onto the ERSCA All-Star Roster! (Tiebreaker if needed: The driver with the most league points will win the vote.)

Special thanks to Dayz Gone By for being the official sponsor of the All-Star race and allowing us to partner and help out! For those of you wondering, below is a quick break down of what is at stake as well as the Official ERSCA All-Star Fan Vote Polls! (Voting Runs April 11th-May 10th.)

Main Event Entrants

  • Top 10 ERSCA Points
  • 4 Invite Only Guest
  • 6 ERSCA Driver Heat Transfers
  • 1 FAN VOTE

Feature Race: 3 Stages

  • 3 Lap Qualifiers
  • 125 Laps
  • Stage 1 Laps (1-46)
  • Stage 2 Laps (51-96)
  • Stage 3 Lap (101-125)
  • 3 GWC
  • $100 to Winner

Group A Voting

[yop_poll id=”10″]

Group B Voting

[yop_poll id=”11″]

Group C Voting

[yop_poll id=”12″]

Group D Voting

[yop_poll id=”13″]

Shout out to all those Patton fans, hope the hype is real and they all show! If they do he could be an early favorite!

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