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Ricochet and Cedric Alexander vs Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne with MVP

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs Murphy (Non-Title Match)

RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs The Viking Raiders (Non-Title Match)

Last Chance Gauntlet Match- To Determine Apollo Crews‘ Replacement

Oh boy, this is how my week is going to start? Seriously? Come on, WWE! You can’t do anything better for the RAW go home show? Belly Up Nation, you gotta help me understand this. First MVP says he wants to be Drew McIntyre’s manager/business partner/ advisor/ anything then he gets put to sleep by Edge and is now managing two NXT guys that can’t even win there? We have not one, but TWO Non-Title Matches? Now I have to admit I am a little bit interested in the McIntyre/Murphy match because I suspect that Seth Rollins will somehow get involved just so Murphy can beat Drew and get into his head. I can’t even talk about the Street Profits/Viking Raiders. Please just pray it is short. I would rather have a promo. Now the Gauntlet Match…let’s talk. Does AJ Styles come back? I think so.


The North defend the IMPACT! Wrestling Tag Team Titles

Cousin Jake vs Joseph P. Ryan

Locker Room Talk hosted by Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger. Guest is Havoc

Sami Callahan speaks for first time since taking on Ken Shamrock at Rebellion

Sami Callahan is BACK! Can’t wait. He is always changing things up. What on Earth is he going to do after turning on OVE? I’m sure since they didn’t name their opponents that The North is having an easy match, but maybe someone will start a new program. As for Locker Room Talk, you know after Havoc getting choked with a chain and hit with a lead pipe that Madison Rayne will be running her mouth looking to stir up things in the women’s division. What do you think Wrestling Community? Write us below.

Best of…Before WWE Backstage

We are getting Best of Ric Flair, Best of Edge, Best of Brock Lesnar and Best of Roman Reigns on FOX Sports 1 before WWE Backstage.

I could probably do without Roman Reigns, but the rest should be pretty good. Hey! I thought no one could mention Roman’s name according to WhatCulture and others.



Cody vs Joey Janela

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara (Le Sex Gods) vs Kenny Omega and Matt Hardy in a Street Fight

Jon Moxley vs Frankie Kazarian

MJF Returns

Love the wrestlers, but not sure I’m excited about the matches. It is almost like AEW is playing it safe. Except for the Street Fight which I hope they really go out towards Jacksonville Landing to fight. The Cody match is just so he can prove that he can take a bunch of pain before facing Lance Archer at Double or Nothing. I think last summer’s chair shot from Shawn Spears that took a bunch of staples to close already proved that. We all know that Frankie Kazarian isn’t going to beat or start a program with Jon Moxley. My bet is the Dark Order interferes, so that Brodie Lee can take on Mox with SCU’s help. Of course, I love MJF. (You know I’m better than you. 😉 ) Can’t wait for his latest update and who comes out to confront him.


Johnny Gargano vs Dominik Dijakovic

NXT Women’s Championship-Charlotte Flair vs Io Shirai

NXT Championship-Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream

They have the least amount told to us of what is happening in their two hours, but with what they have I’m not worried. I can’t see any surprises out of these especially since they haven’t developed a storyline with either Gargano/Dijavokic and Flair/Shirai. However, I believe this is the start of cocky heel Johnny Gargano with Candice helping him. Plus I see Adam Cole and Dream starting a program ending at the first Takeover back. I think Undisputed Era gets involved. Do you feel the same way, Wrestling Community? Let us know below.

WWE Smackdown

Return of Jeff Hardy

Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak and a Mystery Partner vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro and Baron Corbin

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Tamina and Lacey Evans

Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt meet face to face

Really? Why??? This is the final go home show. WWE, you do know that, right? A six man tag match WITH a mystery partner? Whhhhhyyyy? Why is this program continuing? Are you trying to run Bryan with his contract running out? Are we giving Tamina chances to botch things and hurt people? Please write me and explain how Lacey and Tamina are a tag team. Well at least we get Jeff Hardy back. I would love to have him go at it with Samoa Joe or Bray Wyatt. Yeah, Bray Wyatt. Can you imagine the demons he can bring out of him? Speaking of Bray, is he getting into Braun’s head? Nah, they either told Bray to take a creative break after WrestleMania or they are telling him no. This should have had 5 years of family issues spilling out everywhere. We got nothing.

The best thing about this week is the countdown to watching the first episode of the new Undertaker’s Last Ride on Sunday night on the WWE Network. I look forward to hearing all your comments, Wrestling Community. Hit me up @Sam4413 or @WrestlingOvert1. Of course, you always need to be checking for your latest wrestling updates at Belly Up Wrestling and all your sports takes at Belly Up Sports.

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