With everything going on in the world, I have seen an awful lot of useless griping on social media. Am I talking about the Confederate flag or the recent car drove by Bubba Wallace? Well, no but I’m sure the same people complaining about that will take offense to this article. However, none of those things even seem to relate to NASCAR in my opinion anymore. It’s time for me to give you five things that are solid alternatives to gripe or bitch about as a NASCAR fan.

5. Kyle Busch is The Best

You know it has gotten bad whenever I can log onto social media and not see someone arguing over who is the best driver within the history of the sport. Normally it is among Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, and Richard Petty. However you always have those “Rowdy” fans looking to throw him in and then go into great detail as to why he is number one. While that may be true this argument is only number five on the list of things you should be griping about.

4. The Vortex Theory Quit Working

Ever since the famed announcer D.W retired from the broadcast booth it has seemed like his crazy outlandish vortex theory of keeping the rain away has just quit working. I mean how many times just this year has rain affected our race days. I think this is a solid argument point. However, it is only number four out of five. Personally this is a close one for being number two because as a NASCAR fan I love to gripe about rain!

3. iRacing Isn’t Real Racing


You know after the Pro-Invitational Series ended, a lot of the hype around iRacing did as well. The thing that also went with that is the hilarious argument of iRacing isn’t really racing. I mean of course it’s not real racing. These guys aren’t sitting in real cars, with running engines. However, this is the closest you will get to real racing. Unlike, the eNASCAR Heat series now that is just a bunch of guys playing a glitch filled video game.

1. & 2. No Fans at Races.


You know my good buddy Chairgatin touched on this in his recent piece. However, it is such an important thing to argue that it deserves two freaking spots. I mean come on Homestead who is owned by the city will have five thousand attendants, then the same will happen at Talladega. Five thousand people at a warm-weather Talladega race, like let that set in everyone. That is nothing for that track.

Yes, COVID-19 is a serious disease. There is no doubting that, but it appears to have fallen off the face of the earth with everything else going on around us all. Let me wear a mask, and wash my hands to get back to race days. It’s time for me to be able to get back to a race track. Whether it be at Talladega or at my favorite track in northeast Tennessee (Bristol). Let’s set some dang protocols in place and get NASCAR fans back in those stands. Even Wednesday nights winner Martin Truex was saying the empty stands just weren’t right. I couldn’t agree more!

It’s Time to go Home!

Look there is no way to put off what is going on in the world. I am in 110% for the right to peaceful protest and whatever else is needed to make this world better for everyone. However, all I am saying is I miss the normal NASCAR arguments. I am so tired of seeing all of the political issues being brought into the sport I love. Can we all not choose to gripe about actual NASCAR topics instead of political or worldly problems at least for a few hours? That’s all I’m asking.

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