College football players all across the nation are taking to Twitter with #WeWantToPlay and #WeAreUnited to let their voices be heard. With each respective conference in active discussion on whether or not to have a college football season, the players will not sit by silent and let the decision be made without their input.

Opposing Views


Just as in all aspects of life, there are two opposing views on whether or not there should be a season. On one side you have the #WeAreUnited camp. This group believes that the risks of Covid-19 outweigh the reward of playing a season. These players believe that the season should be canceled due to Covid-19 and the risks that the disease poses.


However, the #WeAreUnited crowd has some strong opposition. Two of the Heisman front runners, Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence, both fall into this camp. They are not alone either, they are supported by athletes from each of the Power 5 Conferences. They are pushing for the conferences to allow the players to choose. Instead of outright canceling the season, give the players that fall in the #WeAreUnited camp the option to opt-out. While having universal health and safety procedures in place.

Up to the Confrences

With the college football season up in the air, I can only applaud these Student-Athletes for speaking up and making their voices be heard. Although, the choice is ultimately up to the conferences and university presidents. The outlook is bleak, with the Big Ten will canceling its football season, it is the first power 5 conference to cancel their season. It wouldn’t be unlikely that the other power 5’s will follow suit. The #WeWantToPlay campaign is the player’s last-ditch effort to save their season, with some Ohio State player asking, “Can we play in another conference?”

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