The year 2020 has been wild. There is absolutely nothing normal about this year. That includes the sporting world. We have so many sports at one time. We got golf Majors, NCAA FB, NFL, MLB, MLS, Premier league, NBA, and NHL all at once. It is almost an overload but something great has come from it. Due to so many sports making up games we got a good bit of day sports. During normal times the best part of March Madness was watching basketball during the work day or even playing a little hooky to watch it. No matter what happens next year with sports there needs to be one guarantee: GIVE US WORKDAY SPORTS! In a perfect world, I imagine my coworkers and I in a meeting cheering like the Office cast did for the DVD logo episode.

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Listen I know the workday is meant for work. No matter what you have going on make sure to get the job done. Sometimes during a work day it gets slow. Sometimes you can multi task during work. I consider myself a fantastic multi tasker. There is nothing more I would like to multi task my work with than watching sports. I can imagine the perfect scenario now. I am trucking through some excel sheets during the day and I look up to a loud SEE YOU LATER from the announcer. Ronald Acuna Jr. takes one deep to give me the over 8.5 runs at 1:35 in the afternoon. I want to jump up and cheer for my early victory. Instead I squeeze my hands tight as hell and yell in really low whisper “LETS FUCKING GO” while my coworker stares at me confused.

Lets go over the best ways to watch sports in the office. Most people working in an office now a days have two screens. You either have two desktops or one with a laptop. Put that game in a window and make it real small so the boss man doesn’t see. If you are real lucky, like myself, you might have a couple TVs in the office. Before you make a move for the remote make sure you know the exact channel for your game. You can’t be surfing channels in front of the whole office. This has to be stealth operation like it never happened. And finally, If the boss comes around Friday asking to come in on Saturday, TVs in the office make it a lot easier. Pocket that favor he promised you and watch some college ball. No one works when they go in on Saturday’s anyway.

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