Winter is finally over. Birds are back out, it’s warming up, and it’s time for the tournament. No, not March Madness, it’s time for Gump Madness! While some may want me to break down each and every matchup, I’m not going to do that, as there are 32 matchups to cover. However, I will look at some head to heads I am looking at, and also some snubs.

Also, big shoutout to Bon Snow for putting this on, toss him a follow.

Before we get going, odds are strictly based on follower counts, I am not judging the quality of Tweets, everyone in this bracket should get a follow.

Cruz Oxenreider vs Certified Stimmy Boy

Cruz Follower Count: 5,756

Stimmy Boy Follower Count: 2,186

I am watching this matchup for one reason and one reason only: how much will Cruz win by? There is a chance we could have an upset here, but I doubt it. Cruz is a wagon on Gump Twitter, and having a podcast on the Belly Up Podcast Network (@PodCruzControl) will only add to Cruz’s margin.

Odds: Cruz -260

Alex Brehm vs McCorkle Stan Account

Alex follower count: 1,733

McCorkle Stan follower count: 638

On paper, this is a wash. Alex is the odds on favorite by even more than Cruz vs Stimmy Boy (but not the best odds in the tournament.) It will take a UMBC level upset for Alex to lose.

However, I am hearing rumblings that McCorkle Stan Account has access to other accounts with a combined 16,000 followers. Will all those followers vote? No, but keep an eye on this matchup for the upset.

Odds: Alex -270

Adam Weil vs John Adams Uptain

Gump Madness: Adam vs John

Adam follower count: 2,602

John follower count: 273

I am watching this matchup solely for the blowout. With the best odds in the entire bracket so far, Adam would need a Georgia sports level meltdown to lose this one. That’s not happening, and I expect a runaway win for Adam.

Odds: Adam -950

Julk vs Nick Perkins

Julk follower count: 3,157

Nick follower count: 1,810

This has the potential to be the best matchup of the entire first round. With Julk at -170, Nick has the best shot for the upset. However, there is one thing working against Nick here: the Simps. Never doubt a man’s ability to simp, even in anonymous voting.

Odds: Julk -170

KD7 vs Hannah Hammonds

KD follower count: 5,352

Hannah follower count: 1,254

As I said before, never doubt a man’s ability to simp. However, if KD can get out to a big lead, even the simps can’t save Hannah. While both have separate accounts for business purposes (Bama Vids and Hannah Reports) those will be negligible numbers. Hannah’s best chance to pull off the upset is get out to an early lead, and pull votes out of the woodwork.

Odds: KD -430

Raysh vs Burger Guy

Raysh follower count: 1,012

Burger Guy follower count: 664

This is the closest odds so far. Raysh has an edge in followers, and if she can get the “girls, gays, n gumps” to rally around her, that lead could be enough to get the win.

UA Burger Guy has one massive advantage going into this one: Raysh is a private account. If Burger guy can rally his followers to retweet him, coupled with the close odds of this matchup, look for the upset!

Odds: Raysh -150

James Todd vs Clack

James follower count: 1,748

Clack follower count: 2,070

The first matchup where the “higher seed” (it was random) is the underdog. This will only be made worse for James if there is an expected Gump Madness “alliance” between Clack and his Terrible Takes co-host Michelle. However, that is not a guarantee, as Michelle could put her weight behind James for content, and she is hard on Clack’s takes. In addition, Clack has been very critical of this bracket so far, and that could upset some voters.

The odds currently sit in Clack’s favor, but this one is a toss up.

Odds: Clack -120

Conway Vinny vs Anthony Digesu

Gump Madness matchup: Vinny vs Anthony

Conway follower count: 593

Anthony follower count: 1,194

Another blowout on paper, Anthony has the potential to rally Bama hoops Twitter behind him in the midst of their SEC title run to get the win. With that being said, I do not expect Bama hoops to go 100% for Anthony, as Vinny is no FOG (football only gump). Look for Vinny to also rally some help in the form of Liv, gogo boots gay jesus, and perhaps a Mizzou fan in Vegas’ Brett Hull to close the gap. Personally, this is the matchup I am watching the most intensely.

Odds: -200

Stimmy John’s vs Hunter Letson

Stimmy’s follower count: 1,308

Hunter follower count: 1,819

Another extremely close matchup to close us out (and the only one from the second bracket). There is one reason I am highlighting this matchup: it’s already extremely close. Stimmy John’s also has a secret weapon: an adorable baby girl. If Stimmy finds a way to leverage this and turn it into votes, Hunter could see a first round exit.

Odds: Hunter -140

The Snubs

Now, as the creator of the Gump Twitter lists, I know how hard it is to remember everyone worthy of a spot. I am not bashing anyone for not including people, as it seems Bon Snow threw this together at 1 AM EST. However, people are mad online about some omissions, so let’s break them down. I will only be doing three, please do not get mad about being also left off the snub list.

Roger Patrick Myers

Follower count: 3,870

I left him off the Gump Twitter list, and I have owned up to that being a mistake. Mr. Myers is a key part of Gump Twitter, and is constantly overlooked. Why, couldn’t tell you, even though I am guilty of it. All I know is, when he is included next season, he will be coming for people’s heads, and it is going to end very badly for whoever is on his war path.

Bama Pro Updates

Follower count: 23.2k

Bama Pro Updates has a huge following on Gump Twitter, and that could be why they were left off. I’m not saying life needs to be fair and everyone should get participation trophies, but Bama Pro Updates would be like Alabama going to the MAC. Yeah, there might be some good-ish games, but a “good game” would be them “only” winning 75% of the vote.


Follower count: 7,736

The King of Bama Hoops is a huge omission. I mean, the man got 69 votes for SGA president (even though The Machine redacted some of those). Not that I think he would allow this to take away from his responsibilities to the basketball team, but this could cause a distraction ahead of the SEC tournament and the hoops team could suffer for it. Luke deserves a spot, but I don’t think he minds as his priorities lie elsewhere.

EDIT: Fluff was included in the first draft of the bracket and was asked to be removed. Not a snub!

Again, as a closing note, I’m not bashing Bon for this list. A lot of people wanted Gump Madness, and he stepped up to the plate. If you don’t like, make your own.

There’s some key matchups to watch in Gump Madness. I know I didn’t break down every matchup, or even most. I’ll be following along on twitter (@BellyUpKev), and check out Tailgate on the Quad, maybe we’ll do an episode about the bracket.

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