Six Unforgettable Super Bowl Moments From the Last 50+ years

The Super Bowl is the biggest television event of the year. If you’re wondering why millions of people tune in to watch it every year, then read this article.

Today, we will be covering six of the Super Bowl moments that will live on in our memories forever. 

#1 – Super Bowl XLII (2008) – Giants Score With Less Than a Minute to Go

When the Giants went up against the Patriots in 2008, their opponents were undefeated and the odds were stacked against them.

With 1:15 minutes left the Giants were down 10-14. Time was ticking away but the Giants found a little bit of magic from somewhere.

In the last minute of the game, the Giants managed to get a spectacular pass off to David Tyree. Tyree manages to catch it despite some fantastic defensive work from Rodney Harrison. The pair fall to the floor, but Tyree is able to stretch far enough to score the touchdown and win the Giants the match, causing the upset of the decade.

#2 – Super Bowl XXXII (1998) – John Elway Finally Wins the Super Bowl at Age 38

While Elway’s achievement still puts him in fifth in the list of oldest ever Super Bowl winners, at the time he held the top spot by quite some distance.

The 1998-99 season was Elway’s final one, but he broke records and made history throughout his career.

Not only was he responsible for setting up the infamous play ‘The Driver’ in Denver’s match with the Cleveland Browns in 1987. He is one of the very few quarterbacks to pass over 3,000 yards in 12 different seasons.

Elway also made half a dozen incredible passes that led to his team winning Super Bowl XXXII and he was named the Super Bowl MVP that year. 

#3 – Super Bowl X (1976) – Lynn Swann Chalks up Three of the Deepest Catches in NFL History in One Match

If you want to learn anything about deep catches and how important they are to a game, then you need to watch Lynn Swann’s performance at Super Bowl X.

Not only does Swann make catch after game-changing catch throughout the game, but after each catch, he gets up and makes yards. His performance in this game is the definition of hard work and commitment to your team.

Three of Swann’s catches in this match are amongst the deepest in NFL history – and Swann does it all while looking more graceful than a ballerina.

#4 – Super Bowl XXII (1988) – Doug Willams Paves the Way for Future Black Quarterbacks and Stars

There is always a lot of pressure on quarterbacks going into the Super Bowl. Now imagine the pressure on the shoulders of Doug Willams, the NFL’s first-ever black quarterback.

Now, add to that being 0-10 down at the end of the first quarter. Most of us would give up at this point, but not Willams.

In the second quarter, Williams made four perfect touchdown throws and the Redskins had a 35 point second quarter. 

Williams ended the match as a hero, a legend, and a Super Bowl MVP.

#5 – Super Bowl XXXV (2001) – The Ravens vs the Giants, Scored 21 Points in 36 Seconds

The Ravens are one of only two teams to be undefeated in multiple Super Bowl appearances. And it’s easy to see why when you watch their first final in 2001.

The Ravens were grinding their way through the first half of the match. By 59:24 only 20 points had been scored and the match was set to be the lowest-scoring Super Bowl of all time.

Then something started a fire in both teams, Collins made an incredible throw which resulted in a touchdown for the Ravens. The Giants instantly replied with a touchdown of their own. But the Ravens countered immediately and scored yet another touchdown. Who would have bet on that?!

All in all, 21 points were scored in 36 seconds of play.

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#6 – Super Bowl LV (2020) – Tom Brady Wins His Seventh Super Bowl Title, and Super Bowl MVP for the Fifth Time

It would be rude to write an article about the all-time greatest Super Bowl moments and not include this guy.

Not only did Brady become the most decorated NFL player of all time during the 2020 season. But he also became the oldest player to ever win the Super Bowl at 41.

When Brady moved to the Bucs he told us all that he wasn’t done winning Super Bowls – he wasn’t wrong.

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