Russell Wilson is known for being one of the most politically correct athletes at the podium. However, Wilson broke character this off-season when he voiced his frustrations on the Seahawks not supporting him enough. In response to Wilson’s concerns, the Seahawks made moves to beef up the offensive line and tight-end core. More than likely, the Seahawks thought they had done enough to appease their superstar QB. According to Wilson, however, there’s more to do.

Recently, Russel Wilson spoke to Seattle-area reporters regarding Seahawks Left Tackle Duane Brown’s contract frustrations.

“Not having Duane Brown out there is a pretty significant deal because I think he’s one of the best left tackles in the game. There’s no arguing it.” Wilson said. “I think he’s as good as it gets. There’s nobody more athletic, more talented than he is. Age is just a number. He looks like he’s 28-30 out there. He’s really exceptional. So smart and physical, understands the game, and I think people fear him, to be honest with you…”

“So we definitely want to be able to get him back out there. We’ve got to figure that out because we need Duane Brown.”

Now, at the age of 36, the end of Duane Brown’s career is closer than the beginning. But after grading out as the fifth-best tackle by Pro Football Focus, there’s no denying the ability is still there. So if the price is right, and Wilson wants him back, the Seahawks must retain him. After all, they practically owe him.

Offensive Line Woes

Early February, I wrote a piece on why Russell Wilson needed to demand a trade from the Seahawks. In that piece, I detailed the struggles Seattle has had building a quality offensive line. Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but to say the Seahawks have been failing Russell Wilson is an understatement.

When asked about his offensive line issues in 2020, Wilson put it bluntly, “I’m getting frustrated with getting hit too much.”

There’s no doubt that a portion of the sacks and pressures against Russell Wilson has come from his tendency to hold onto the football and extend plays. But since Wilson has entered the league, the Seahawks have been one of the cheapest spenders on their offensive line. If not for Wilson’s mobility, the sacks and pressures would surely be higher. Nonetheless, even at age 36, Duane Brown isn’t only the Seahawks best left tackle, he’s also their best offensive lineman, period.

If Russell Wilson wants him back, the Seahawks should oblige before they run their franchise’s best player out the door.

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