Daniel Greenberg is featured on the Chicago Bulls Bleacher Report page and currently has over 50,000 followers on Twitter. If you aren’t following him, you can at @ChiSportupdates 

As someone with aspirations of making it in the sports industry, I was fortunate for the opportunity to meet with him.  

Highlights of the Interview 

During the interview, I got to ask him a series of questions relating to his career. When asked about his day-to-day work life, he responded, “There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work and it’s not just tweeting stuff out.” One example was he constantly reads up on each sport. 

Also, he mentions that he sees himself as a “messenger” to Chicago sports. I can not deny, the nickname is fitting, as Daniel has constantly provided news, rumors, injury, etc. on Chicago Sports for quite some time. 

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To add on, we discussed how he got into the industry. Daniel said his family, especially his dad, got him into Chicago sports. I got into sports similarly to Daniel. Chicago has a rich sports history from Walter Peyton, Ryne Sandberg, Micheal Jordan, and so many other great athletes. 

As a result of this passion, he started using Twitter in high school to share his opinions on Chicago Sports. By doing this, Daniel created an account for most Chicago sports teams. The teams were the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, and Blackhawks. Later on, he sold all the accounts except for @chisportupdates. 

Daniel Greenberg on the Chicago Bears

A hot topic right now is the question, who will be the Bears’ next head coach? It only seemed fitting to ask the messenger of Chicago sports for his insight. 

He replied, “Sometimes (Chicago Sports Teams) can act like a small market team.” He goes on to say “I wish they could get a Jim Harbough, or Mike Tomlin, or a Sean Peyton.” 

This is something I found enlightening as a fan because Chicago is a big market and should take advantage of it. For years, Chicago teams have not taken advantage of attracting free agents (except the Bulls this past off-season). Chicago is one of the best cities in the country and can help market players and coaches. 

Post Interview 

Daniel and I were able to talk off the air for about thirty minutes. During this time, he gave me insight into the industry and what it takes to make it. 

Sacrifices he has made include zero off days, focusing on sports during class, and occasionally lack of sleep. 

One specific example he gave was the start of NBA free agency. During the first day of free agency, he would stay up all night to report any news. 

Daniel Greenberg Dream

During our conversation, it was obvious he believes in the phrase “do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” He loves what he does and doesn’t take it for granted. 

His end goal is to one day run a Chicago sports team’s media account, the top of his list being the Chicago Bulls’.

My Takeaway

I have dreams of making it into this industry and listening to Daniel, I learned we have similar passions and ideas. Learning what he sacrifices is something I want to do as well. 

Daniel Greenberg is known for being reliable and I believe I can be the same. Whether it’s reliable information or readers relying on my content to be informed. 

One thing is for sure, I will not let this interview go to waste. I am taking advantage of the opportunity I had and using this information to find my path in one of the best industries in the world, Chicago sports. 

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