This Saturday, it’s going down! We finally get what we have been dying to see for the last few months. We get Francis Ngannou versus Ciryl Gane to determine the true, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. This fight could be a pay-per-view alone, but there is also another highly anticipated championship bout. Brandon Moreno versus Deiveson Figueiredo. We will also have the return of former Pro Bowler, Greg Hardy. So without further ado, let’s jump into this UFC 270 Preview.

Ngannou vs Gane

This is one of the most anticipated fights in a while for MMA. You have two big, strong, hard-hitting heavyweights that look to knock people’s lights out. You have the champ, Ngannou, who has set himself apart over the last few months. He beat the greatest heavyweight champion ever to win the belt. That alone deserves the utmost respect. From the eye test, Ngannou looks unstoppable. He has bricks for hands and has a working knowledge of how to use them.

I remember hearing as a kid that no matter how big and bad you are at something, there is someone out there bigger and badder. Enter Ciryl Gane. He may be someone that is bigger and badder than Ngannou. In ten fights, he’s taken the MMA world by storm. He is the interim champion, but maybe not for long. The only thing I know about this fight is I will not take a bathroom break at any time because this one will end in a knockout. This is also a must-see fight because it could be Nguannou’s last fight if the UFC doesn’t come correct on his next contract. UFC-please give that man his money!

Moreno vs Figueiredo

This is the fight that has been on my radar. In combat sports, there is nothing more exciting than a trilogy fight. This will be the third time these two men have fought for the belt. The first fight was a classic that ended in a draw. Moreno took the second one, but it was reported that Deiveson was sick and shouldn’t have fought. Regardless, Moreno won and is the champ. In this UFC 270 preview, I am predicting Deiveson to get his strap back.

The flyweight division hasn’t been supported or acknowledged appropriately in the UFC. After Mighty Mouse and Triple C left the organization, the division was literally about to be canceled. That was until they gave Deiveson Figueiredo a shot at the title. He won the belt and instantly made that division must-see TV. In my opinion, he’s the most exciting fighter ever at 125 lbs. Saturday, he gets to reclaim his crown as the king of the flyweights. After he wins, I hope we get a fourth fight.

Other Main Card Fights

UFC 270 also gives us the return of Greg Hardy, when he takes on Sergey Spivak. Hardy has been impressive in his transition from the NFL to UFC. To be new to MMA, and fighting the highest level competition is amazing. He is a long way from title contention, but he is growing as a fighter. I am excited to see the maturation of Hardy’s skill set on Saturday.

We also have a Bantamweight showdown with two exciting upstarts. We will see Cody Stamann vs Said Nurmagomedov. If the name of the latter sounds familiar, that’s because it is the last name of one of the best ever in Khabib Nurmagomedov. Even though they have the same last name, they are not related. Stamann better hope Said doesn’t fight like Khabib, or it will be a short night for him.


This card is lit. You have two big title fights. This may or may not be Nguannou’s last fight. I hope he gets his money and sets the trend for others to get paid. Also, no matter who wins this fight, they lose because Jon Jones is waiting. If the third fight between Figueiredo and Moreano can be half as good as the previous two, we are in for a treat.

This UFC 270 preview is in the books. If you want more in-depth MMA coverage, check me out at Belly Up Sports. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and on Facebook.

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