Ht – 6’3”          Wt – 323lb      Class – JR         Age – 21

Attribute Breakdown

Power – A ton of raw functional power packed in his frame. Finishing a play on top of a defender was a common occurrence. He is a mauler and a people-mover, and his anchor is outstanding.

Blocking in Space – Truly amazing. Kenyon Green climbed to the second level multiple times every game and had consistent and dominating success. He never failed to locate and annihilate defenders, even the smaller shiftier ones. That is a very impressive feat for a player of his size.

Football IQ – Constantly looking for someone to block, he always makes sure to block the right guy. He routinely identified the correct assignment when hit with more complex pass rushing schemes, and he switched off assignments with ease.

Run Blocking – Jaw-droppingly efficient and reliable. I lost count of the plays in which Green was a pivotal block in opening a run lane. It almost seemed as though the Aggie running backs chose to run behind Kenyon Green, and he made it worth their while. He was the consistent creator of massive running lanes.

Pass Sets – Very reliable. With active hands and great counters, most pass rush moves were rendered useless. Green did get beat a few times by swim moves and push-and-pull moves, but he was formidable against those moves most of the time. He has the power and technique to erase defenders. Additionally, he showed a phenomenal recovery ability, finishing blocks even after he got beat.

Motor – Unrelenting. Kenyon Green plays until the whistle and not a second before. He consistently chased down defenders and made key blocks, in pass pro and run blocking. He is also, very clearly, an ultra-competitive player.

Lateral Mobility – Surprisingly quick for agile for his size. His movement skills are great, and defenders only beat him with flawless technique or hand fighting, not by beating him to a spot.

Versatility – Unreal versatility. Green played all over the O-Line, being switched from position to position on nearly a game-to-game basis. He has experience at both Tackle spots, but he is definitely best suited for LG. What’s even more impressive – in his time as LT, he went up against top-notch defenders (such as Will Anderson Jr. of Alabama, a projected Top 10 future pick), and was great against them. He even held dominated against the quicker and faster Edge Rushers, which is rare for an Interior Lineman.

Combine – Luckily for Kenyon Green, the Combine is least important for interior O-Linemen. He put up truly awful numbers in every athletic drill. A 5.24 40, 20 Bench reps, 5.12 Shuttle, 26″ Vert, 8’6″ Broad jump. Those are remarkably poor numbers. He did measure in at 34 1/8″ arms, which is very good. Unfortunately, the athletic numbers will lower his stock.

Kenyon Green showed up against top SEC competition


Kenyon Green is easily one of my favorite prospects in this draft, and my IOL1 (yes, over Tyler Linderbaum). His game is truly flawless, and in certain traits, he is miles ahead of anyone else in this draft. His run blocking prowess is unmatched, and his lower body thickness and power are sensational. Non-stop motor, reliable pass blocker, elite agility for his size, and extreme versatility. Additionally, few O-Linemen showed the ability to recover after losing reps, but Green showed not only the ability to do so, but the strength to do so at an elite level. What does he not have?
He had a terrible Combine performance, and that’s the only reason he isn’t a Top 10 player in my draft rankings.
Kenyon Green is the ultimate chess piece. OL is one of the most pivotal positions to teams’ success, and it happens to also be one of the positions with the most injuries. It’s rare to see an NFL team retain their entire Week 1 starting 5. Green’s versatility makes him a weapon even beyond his talents. When injuries inevitably come, he can play wherever needed.
I truly believe he can not only be a starter from Day 1, but he can be an All-Pro very early in his career.

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