Bellator 267: The Family Arena, St.Louis:

They say “be careful for what you wish for, you might just get it”. Well; with Adam Borics outlasting Mads Burnell in a five-round high-paced fight of rock ’em sock ’em robot; the 28-year old Hungarian is going to see if that saying is true. After the 49-46 2x, 50-45 unanimous decision unofficial official title eliminator, what are Borics chances against the best featherweight in Bellator?

Burnell pushed him arguably to a new height. He came forward putting the pressure on Borics. And instead of folding his speed and Muay Thai skills shined bright. Including multiple laser fast elbows and his signature jumping knees. What might have been most impressive, and a sign for the future is Borics ability to eat body shots over and over again, and hang in there.

What Are Borics Chances Against AJ McKee

In the “Mercenary”; Bellator may just have the best featherweight in all of MMA. And every lesson learned in this fight, Borics will need three-times as well if they fight. McKee doesn’t have the smothering game that Burnell uses, but he is a lot more diverse in his attack. Plus the champion’s a lot faster and also prefers more of a fight at range. McKee might employ the same tactic of Burnell in digging the body, but then jumping guard and looking for a submission.

For his part; Borics will have to hide that jumping knee. Or he may just find himself on his back, with McKee laying some ground-and-pound on him. And his best bet for the massive upset would be to chop away at McKee’s long legs. Borics did that to Burnell to an extent, and hobbled out of the cage after the fight however. Then Borics would have to rely on his cardio by sticking and moving, and hope to take the scorecards.

How Does He Stack Up Against Patricio Freire

If arguably the most decorated Bellator fighter regains the 145 title, he’ll have different issues to deal with. “Pitbull” even at this age has more firepower in his hands, and his chin is solid. Borics may have stood up to Burnell’s shots, but those would put him down here. And on the ground Freire has a definite advantage.

As much as Borics in-cage IQ improved recently, he’s still no match for Pitbull there either. Freire in 37-fights has only been finished twice, and there’s nothing he hasn’t been put through. If Borics could use his speed to frustrate Freire and stay away early he may have a chance to steal a win late.

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