Potential is a word that basically means there are no limits. The NFL Draft is the largest pot of potential and it’s not even close. The amount of players that are supposed to pan out in the league and fail is just not good. People (Scouts & GM’s) actually get paid to find the players that won’t fail. Which is wild, considering the amount of picks that do not succeed who were draft in the first couple of rounds. That being said, there are some players that fall in the draft that have proven so far this year that that was a mistake.

Kerryon Johnson: HB, Detroit Lions

College: Auburn

Drafted: 2nd Round, Pick 43

He was the fourth back taken from a fairly deep running back class. Even though he wasn’t drafted too late, teams seem to have a missed a gem in the making (potential). He is the first 100 yard rusher for the Lions since Reggie Bush back in 2013.  Although he has not had back to back strong games, he is showing consistent improvement. I expect many TD’s in the near future, especially through the air considering LeGarrette Blount will get more touches around the end zone.


Derwin James: S, Los Angeles Chargers

College: Florida State

Drafted: 1st Round, Pick 17

The obvious question here is… how can the 17th pick in the draft be a steal?!? In Derwin James’ terms, 16 other teams didn’t draft him. James is a freak of an athlete who has only impressed through 3 weeks. A lot of mock drafts didn’t have him falling out of the top 10, some top 5. The Chargers have found a great athlete here who will help this defense continue to grow and become one of the best in the league when healthy.

Comb & Total= Tackles

Darius Leonard: LB, Indianapolis Colts

College: South Carolina State

Drafted: 2nd Round, Pick 36

The Colts defense has been pretty piss poor for a very long time. Even though they still struggle, this man right here is exactly what they were looking for. Leonard has been all over the field this year racking up a whopping 41 combined tackles this year with 30 of them being solo. Not to mention 3 sacks on the year as well. For a small school linebacker, this is a big miss for the scouts who took a different player at that position.

Antonio Callaway: WR, Cleveland Browns

College: Florida

Drafted: 4th Round, Pick 105

As one Stephen A. Smith would say, “STAY OFF THE WEED-DUH!” This player has all of the talent to be a top receiver in this league, but his off the field issues have always been a problem. If Hue Jackson wants to do anything right, which he struggles to do, it is to make sure this kid gets the help he needs so they don’t have a similar situation to Josh Gordon.


Michael Dickson: P, Seattle Seahawks

College: Texas

Drafted: 5th Round, Pick 149

That’s right! You have a punter ladies and gentleman! This player is representing the brand better than the rest. He is placing the ball where he wants along with booming it down field when he needs. Even though he may have been drafted in realistic round for a punter of his stature, he is still a steal and problem for opposing special teams for years to come.



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