You know what? I was never admired enough to have a web-site made in my honor. I realize (I hope) I still have a fair amount of time left on this rock, but unless something unforeseen happens, the smart money is on me not have a site ever created that is solely about me.

Can’t say the same for Jon Gruden. Not only does this guy have a ring, a lengthy stint on Monday Night Football, created Gruden’s Grinders, gets mistaken for a murderous doll, comes back to the NFL and signs a reasonable 10 year $100m dollar contract, but this guy also gets some of his most passionate fans to create a website that’s all about him and by all about him it’s a website showcasing the exact moment that coach Gruden will not be coaching the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders.


The Site for Gruden

What’s beautiful about this site is the site’s simplicity. So many sites today, have all types of pictures, videos, colors and whacky font. just brings you exactly what it’s about and that is is Jon Gruden still coaching the Raiders. It’s in your face and subtle all at the same time. What’s even better than just knowing if Gruden is still coaching the Raiders is that it also includes a ticker that shows you how much money Gruden has made from when you entered the site. That’s nice because it really lets you know how much of a mistake it was not being an NFL coach. The ticker is so mesmerizing and soul crushing that I wish Times Square had it rolling at all times right under, but preferably above, all the stocks. This to me seems more important.

Ultimately, I wish that the person or persons who slaved over making this website get what they want in the end and by the looks of it, it probably will be around 2-3 years possibly less like myself and everyone else who wasn’t Al Davis’s son thought. Hopefully, the site’s curators know when Gruden is out so that they could have a major celebration and have the countdown clock rolling like Chris Jericho’s WWE debut. That still gives me chills when I watch it every week.

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