In his first fiasco as a Laker, LeBron posted a stat line of 9 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists. Of course this is just preseason, and we all know what LeBron is capable of when it comes to stuffing the stat sheets in the regular season and playoffs. However, he teased a lot of Laker fans with a few flashy plays in just the 15 minutes that he played.

What Did We Learn?

We learned that LeBron is still great, who would’ve thought? LeBron played at such an uptempo pace that we haven’t seen since his time in Miami with Wade. He’s still quick, he’s still fast, he’s still a freak of nature. He might not beat father time in the long haul, but he has won the battle this year. We also learned that the Lakers are going to run like the wind, scoring their first basket from tip-off within 5 seconds. How will running uptempo help them? Honestly, it might not help them at all. Using this style of play with this style of players can either result in the Lakers destroying their competition, or flat out running themselves out of the game. Finally, we learned about the blossoming of Brandon Ingram. It’s been a roller-coaster of a time for his few years in the NBA, but it was obvious that playing beside the best to ever do it will guide him to his breakout season this year. 

What’s In Store This Year?

Most Laker fan’s and LeBron lovers like myself are saying they’ll win the finals, but lets give ourselves a reality check. I’m going to listen to Stephen A. Smith on this one and “STAY OFF THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEED”. Can this team beat the Warriors, Celtics, or the Rockets in a 7 game series? Hell no they can’t. As much confidence and love that I have in LeBron, it’s simply not possible this year. Maybe next year when Leonard or Davis comes over? Yes then it’ll most definitely be possible. If you watched the game, it was easy to tell that so far, the Lakers are struggling when LeBron sits, just like last year in Cleveland. This Laker team is head and shoulders better than the Cavs last year, but when you take into consideration that this team is in the loaded Western Conference, do they really have a chance?

What Does The Future Hold?

LeBron is most likely in his last 5-7 years playing, so something needs to happen quick if they want to be contenders and have LeBron still as the top dog in the league. Hopefully in next year’s free agency frenzy, Magic Johnson can lure over AT LEAST one top-10 player in the NBA. That would make them contenders for the Western Conference Finals. Then maybe adding another top-15 player in the league would put them as close to the Warriors as anyone will get if the Celtics can’t do it. But lets be honest here, they call him “Magic” for a reason. He’s going to pull some strings and get LeBron what he needs to take down the Warriors within the next 2 years. The Lakers and LeBron will win AT LEAST one NBA Finals before he hangs them up for good, so Lakers fans, enjoy the greatest basketball player of all time while you have him and enjoy what he’s going to bring you.

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