Don’t be upset with me. The NFL gave me no choice but to jump at the opportunity to blog about this. They could have very easily scheduled the Redskins to play on Sunday like a majority of the rest of the league. But nooooo. Let’s scheduled them on Columbus Day, they said. No one will notice, they said. Welp….

They lost, and they lost big. Saw that one coming. Ever read a textbook? This is one of the few sporting events you’ll learn about in school. From what I remember, Columbus was heavily religious. This whole “saints” and “redskins” matchup was finished a long, long time ago. Last night’s “rematch” was a 43-19 reminder from the Saints that this is just not the Redskins’ day. Never has been.

Redskins Chance at Redemption

Do we even know if Chris Columbus arrived in the great country of the US of A on October 8th? I doubt it, but I don’t care enough to check, if I’m being honest. It’s quite irrelevant anyway, except to the NFL who should have had full awareness of the scheduling. Shame on you, Goodell. Aren’t you aware that history repeats itself? This game has been predictable since late 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue.


If this truly was the NFL offering the Redskins a chance at redemption, it would leave a worse taste in your mouth than kale dipped in hummus. They lost that fight more than 450 yards years ago. It didn’t matter how many bye weeks they had back then. It doesn’t matter that they had a bye week this time around. If you picked the Redskins in this game, you don’t know your history.

Beat by the Best

Christopher Columbus and Drew Brees are more alike than you may think. I like to think ole Chris Columbus was the best at what he did. After all, he pretty much single-handedly steered the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria simultaneously through the oceans. I can name MAYBE six or seven famous ships all time and those are three of them. The man was a legend. Not to mention, if he traveled this time of year, he absolutely had to have tackled a hurricane or two. Where are those ships now? Who cares. The story is what lives.


Same goes for Brees. Has he led an entire crew to the promised land? Check. Did he weather at least one hurricane during his prestigious career? Check. Did he destroy the Redskins in a one-sided affair on Columbus Day? Check. Drew Brees set the all-time career passing yards record in this game, too, proving that white people just continue to break records at the expense of the Redskins on this pseudo-holiday

By the way, just as Columbus isn’t my Magellan of explorers, Brees is not my Brady of quarterbacks. Neither one is the top dawg, but they were both able to do things that no other person before them had done. Brees falls third for me, behind Brady and Montana. Columbus, behind Magellan and de Gama, sits third as well.


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