Welcome In folks to Thanksgiving week of the Korner booth, this week I give thanks for the fact that Marc cannot beat me when it comes to picks. Your amazing Host won 23-10 to 20-13 and with that in mind lets get into it.

NCAA Week 13

#1 Alabama vs. Auburn

Roll tide by a lot

Marc’s Pick: Bama, but its close early

#2 Clemson vs. South Carolina


Marc’s Pick: Tigers

#3 Notre Dame Vs. USC

Irish but this could be a trap game because its in LA.

Marc’s Pick: Part of me wants to think Notre sleeps on Notre Dame, but this game has  history that says otherwise. Fighting Irish get another W

#4 Michigan vs. #10 Ohio State

Michigan just looks like a more complete team this is the year Jimbo takes out Urban.

Marc’s Pick: Michigan should dominate this game and I think they will

#5 Georgia vs. Georgia Tech

“Go Dogs” (South Georgia Accident)

Marc’s Pick: This game screams upset, but I just cant do it. Bulldogs win this rivalry game.

#6 Oklahoma Vs. #13 West Virginia

West Virginia in Morgantown, coming off an embarrassing loss, you know the rest… COUNTRY ROOOOOAAAAD TAKE ME HOOOOOOME… TO THE PLAAAAACE I BELOOOOOONNNNG

Marc’s Pick:  Kyler Murray’s legs are going to be too much for the Moutaineers. I hope I am wrong, but I am taking the Sooners.

#8 Washington State vs. #16 Washington

WASSU WITH THE UPSET!  Wassu state is going to slip.

Marc’s Pick:  Why stop now. Huskies pull off the upset

#9 UCF vs. South Florida


Marc’s Pick: 2017 National Champs

#7 LSU vs. #22 Texas A&M


Marc’s Pick: Aggies

#14 Texas vs.  Kansas

Hook ‘em

Marc’s Pick: Hook ‘em

#11 Florida vs. Florida State


Marc’s Pick:  FSU won a game they shouldn’t have last week, this week is not the same. Gators win.

#21 Utah State vs. #23 Boise State

Blue Turf…

Marc’s Pick: Boise and that blue turf? If you can’t tell I am not confident with this pick

#12 Penn State vs. Maryland


Marc’s Pick: Senior night at home, Ill take PSU

#15 Kentucky vs. Louisville


Marc’s Pick: Louisville is so bad I have to go with Kentucky

#17 Utah vs. BYU


Marc’s Pick: The Utes

#20 Syracuse vs. Boston College


Marc’s Pick: If Dungey plays I’ll take the Orange, if he doesn’t I’ll take BC.

#19 Northwestern vs. Illinois

Northwestern and their strength Coach

Marc’s Pick: Northwestern

#18 Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss


Ole Miss at home, give me Ta’amu and the Rebels

24# Pitt vs. Miami

Canes are back… sort of, but Richt wants payback for last year canes by 7.

Marc’s Pick: Pitt stays hot

#25 Iowa State vs. Kansas State


Marc’s Pick: Iowa State is a different team at home. Cyclones get the win.

NFL Week 12

DAAAAA Bears and Mack

Bears vs. Lions

Marc’s Pick: Bears

Redskins vs. Cowboys

Skins… I said it first

Marc’s Pick: I mean the NFC East is so out of control it would only make sense for the skins to win this one.

Falcons vs. Saints

Saints by 20?

Marc’s Pick: Saints

Giants vs. Eagles

Eagles are ticked…giants seem like a good punching bag.

Marc’s Pick: As much as I don’t have faith in the Birds right now, I don’t see them losing to the Giants

Jaguars vs. Bills


Marc’s Pick: Jags?

Browns vs. Bengals

Browns..  I believe in Baker.

Marc’s Pick: When you think it cannot get worse, Hue loses to a team that he only had 3 wins at.

Patriots vs Jets

Is it possible to break a scoreboard….Pats are going try.

Marc’s Pick: Pats by a lot

49ers vs Buccaneers

Bucs rebound by 3

Marc’s Pick: 49ers will play harder than this defeated Bucs team.

Seahawks vs Panthers

Seahawks because Marc picked Carolina

Marc’s Pick: I am going with the Panthers so they will probably lose.

Raiders vs. Ravens

Lamar is going to ball out

Marc’s Pick: I don’t care if its Jackson or Flacco, Raiders will not win this game. Ravens win easy

Cardinals vs. Chargers


Marc’s Pick: Chargers don’t blow this one like last week

Steelers vs. Broncos

Steelers win an ugly one

Marc’s Pick: Broncos don’t get lucky like last week. Steelers get another win.

Dolphins vs. Colts

Dolphins halt the hot colts with a wild high scoring game

Marc’s Pick: Comeback player of the year/MVP Andrew Luck. Colts

Packers vs. Vikings

Packers… Rodgers is better

Marc’s Pick: Like I said before, Kirk Cousins stinks in Primetime and with a broken leg we don’t have to worry about him. Packers get a much needed win.

Titans vs. Texans

Texans roll Titians looks dicey with Mariota Banged up.

Marc’s Pick: This one is a toss up for me, but I think the Texans find a way to stay hot and take control of this division.

Last Call:

On Monday the Chiefs and Rams both dropped 50+points on each other and I’m on of the few who feels sick about it. I love scoring in football but I think that 100 points in a game is insane the NFL needs to let teams play defense before the NFL becomes the Big 12.

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