And just like that, you have you’re probable #1 talking point of the day. This all stems from something newly appointed Arizona Cardinals coach, who is currently being talked about very highly in a bizzaro universe, where he talked about how if he had the chance he’d to draft Kyler Murray. Here’s Kliff barely containing himself.

Is Josh Rosen getting Frozen Out?

You like that heading there? If I was writing for a newspaper I’d write that and I bet my editor would think it was really clever. Anyways, I suppose this has minor legs because Kingsbury said that he’d draft Murry #1 all the way back in October. But you have to think he said that not believing there was much of a chance that he’d ever actually have an opportunity to make his fantasy a reality.

Josh Rosen didn’t really live up to his 10th overall draft position. He threw for 11 TDs and 14 INTs. He basically looked like what most rookie QBs used to look like back in the 90s and early 2000s. Honestly, he kind of looked like a career back up. Doesn’t mean that he can’t ever turn around if he got the right coaching. Jared Goff looked like barnyard explosion before Sean McVay hypnotized him into throwing better. So it is possible that Rosen could turn it around. It was only one year and the Cardinals aren’t exactly a team that anyone would ever confuse with a team that has good receiving options. Besides a nowhere near his prime Larry Fitzgerald, who still is playing a high level, there is nothing in terms of even average wide receivers.

How Real is This?

Who’s to say really? Kingsbury said in October when he was the coach of USC so does it really matter what he said back then? Coaches say things all time time that aren’t true. I remember a certain college coach who told the world that he wasn’t going to Alabama and then 4 seconds later was in Alabama. I can’t really recall a time where a first round quarterback was traded after only one year, but new things in the NFL happen often. There used to never be many traded in the league. Now trades happen all the time.

But, I’ll still lean towards this not happening. Mainly because it would be a very unwise move to draft a guy #1 who is still very committed to play baseball and it touted as first round pick in that sport. But, this report came out a few hours ago.

Taking a guy #1 only for him to say in two years that he’s going to go play baseball is quite the risk to take. Maybe Kingsbury thinks he can convince management that Murray will be a star. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the risk but hey, go for it if that’s what you’re in too.

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