Just another savy move by John Elway in trying to replace Peyton Manning. It’s said that if Semian, Osweiler, Lynch and Keenum do not succeed, trading for Joe Flacco is the correct move to make. I think we can all agree that Flacco isn’t the man of the future for the Broncos, but for one year, why the hell not? If they believe that this QB draft isn’t the one to spring on a franchise QB, getting Flacco isn’t the worst move you could make. In saying that, I’m thrilled that the Dolphins aren’t signing Flacco because I think he’s average at best, though he put it together that one time and won a Super Bowl. I’ve seen enough of Flacco lately to know that he just doesn’t have it right now and I’m glad Miami aren’t trying to see if he can find it.

The more important question to me is whether or not Joe Flacco is going to try and break the record for longest pass interference of all time? Goes without saying, but Joe Flacco is the Sulton of Swat when it comes to throwing the ball as far as he can and getting a pass interference call. He’s been one of the league leaders in that category since he’s been in the league and he’s damn proud of that. Flacco going to Denver and getting to play in that thin air is like the Shredder enhancing himself with ooze. It’s just not fair to everyone else. The longest pass interference in the NFL is 66 yards and it was achieved in 2015. It’s safe to say that that record has a short shelf life because Joe Flacco is heading to Denver and he’s playing for keeps.

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