This is something I’ve wanted to do on Thursdays for a while and I told myself I’d start doing this once the new year started. These videos that I’ll share on Thursdays, are videos that I really enjoyed when I was in college. That was a cool decade ago so there might be some gems that the younger crowd out there may not of ever seen. I think I might be the oldest person here at Belly Up and I if I can open their and your eyes, every Thursday, to some of these all-timers, well then that’s a good thing, maybe the best of things. 

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I’m not exactly sure when I first saw this. Either it was when I was at PSU or sometime after it. Doesn’t really matter. What does matter that this is as funny then, whenever it was, as it is today. I just watched it for the first time in years and I was rolling on the floor laughing. There isn’t one clip that isn’t at least a little funny, and there are some clips that are out of this world hilarious. You might not find them to that funny. If that’s the case, you’re plain wrong.

I think my favorite one is either the kids on the ice with the British guy in the red beard yelling “give em the stick, don’t give em the stick!” or the house catching on fire and the one guy says “pork chop sandwiches.” It’s tough to choose from those two. Hell, it’s tough to choose from the whole lot of them. Which ever one is your favorite is justifiable.

Dubbing over video and adding funny dialogue still goes on today. I think the most notable dubbing is A Bad Lip Reading of NFL seasons. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t even close to being as good as the GI Joe PSAs. It’s not even that the GI Joe PSAs curse and the NFL lip reading don’t. It’s that GI Joe PSAs have the most awkward, nonsensical dialogue and timing that you’re going to find. Those elements is what makes it so clever to me.

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