This is something I’ve wanted to do on Thursdays for a while and I told myself I’d start doing this once the new year started. These videos that I’ll share on Thursdays, are videos that I really enjoyed when I was in college. That was a cool decade ago so there might be some gems that the younger crowd out there may not of ever seen. I think I might be the oldest person here at Belly Up and I if I can open their and your eyes, every Thursday, to some of these all-timers, well then that’s a good thing, maybe the best of things. 

Back when I was a PSU student, it was a slight challenge trying to meet new people that weren’t my friends that I lived with. Naturally, one of the ways I attempted to look cool and make the scene was by introducing people I would meet to the wonderful world of video game music covers. As you could imagine, I blew their minds and they hoisted me up on their shoulders chanting my name in appreciation for what I showed them. On this Thursday, I would think I’ll be doing the same.

I’ve always and continue to be a major supporter of NES, or regular Nintendo as I would call it. So, when scouring the internet one day, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of Nintendo covers from all sorts of folks. I was in some kind of weird melodic heaven. Some of my favorite tunes from my favorite games were being belted out on guitar and it was glorious. I searched far and wide for covers of all types of games. I didn’t strictly listen for Nintendo music, but there was of course SEGA and Super Nintendo that i would choose from. I kept the Mendoza Line right there at that SEGA/Super Nintendo area. I didn’t go for Nintendo 64, Playstation and all those fancy smancy consoles.

The Throwback Thursday video of the week is the Nintendo cover that opened the door to every other one I found. The game is called Ninja Gaiden and it’s a very intense game, that is quite difficult to beat. With the fun of the game, comes with an extensive catalog of killer tracks for each level. Just great tune after great tune that has a cover of it somewhere on Youtube. This video is cool because it has the game playing in the background of the guy covering it. I always thought that was a cool touch and in the year 2007, it really did the trick for me in regards to scratching that itch of pairing up classic video game sounds with the face melting sound of a guitar. There are other songs from all of the Ninja Gaiden games that you can find on YouTube that I’m sure you’ll reach nirvana with. I highly suggest you go down this rabbit hole. You’ll be impressed and I promise you’ll feel nice about things. Enjoy the Thursday

Here’s another beaut

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