With the NFL free agency underway, the Denver Broncos and John Elway have been making some noise in the off-season. These are two things I truly love, the Broncos and the NFL. I have been one of the most critical of John Elway and his moves over the past say, five years. I can even say that I thought he may be losing his mind a little when I heard he was letting one of the best cornerback in the league, in Chris Harris, go. You know you are a mile high when you make that type of move. But it seems to be going in a good direction and Elway not only is looking at one side of the ball, has all sides covered.

Denver’s first move

In a move to replace Chris Harris, the Broncos go out and grab A.J. Bouye in a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars. For a fourth-round pick, Elway nabs the pro-bowler and gives the Denver defense a number one cornerback. In seven seasons in the NFL, Bouye has totaled 14 interceptions, 66 passes defended and 315 tackles in 62 starts. He is a very good player that can help the Bronco defense but I love what else Elway got for the defense that will help Bouye the most.

Another trade for the OL

It was said that Elway had this guy on his radar for a while and was the one he coveted the most, Graham Glasgow. This guy is a monster on the offensive line and can just about play at any spot he is needed. It is thought that they will plug him in at right guard as that is a real need for the Broncos line. The team has two backs that hit the hole fast and need lineman that can open that hole as fast. Glasgow gives then just that.

He can also come in and play in any of the line positions if he is needed, such as if an injury may happen. At four years 44 million, I love what he brings and the Broncos will appreciate him on that line.

Big help for D line

With that type of defensive front, the defensive backfield will benefit greatly. The pressure they should provide upfront will leave the defensive backs to be able to take more chances and play more one on one with success. The Broncos D line was secured with Mike Purcell, tendering him at the second-round level. Elway makes noise and makes the Broncos D line one to contend with and one you must love.

A Quarterback in and One Out

Elway also went out and got a quarterback to back up Drew Lock in Jeff Driskel. Driskel has been on Elway’s mind for a while. He had a good game against the Broncos in the past and Elway was intrigued then. He is a capable backup and put Lock in a great position. The Broncos also let Flacco walk After only one year the Broncos part ways the veteran quarterback. He may have not been the problem, but he was not the solution either, so good move, Elway. This ensures that the Lock ara is about to be in full swing.

Early Grade

Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock. (AP Photo/David Richard)

If I were handing out a grade for the early part of the offseason, I would hand the Broncos an “A”. Like I said, I have been really critical of Elway and his moves in the past so giving him an “A” is big for me. But when you have made all the moves so far it is hard to be too judgmental. I love the running backs we have but I feel as though Elway will bring in another back, perhaps Gurley as he is available. But another back in any case.

The wide receiver position is another that Elway will address. There is plenty to do and many positions to upgrade. that also means there is just enough time to mess the whole thing up as well. For now, the Broncos and Elway have made noise this offseason and I for one Love it!

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