2020 Free Agency

There was no doubt that the Chicago Bears needed to address the uncertainty of the tight end position this offseason. The Bears were linked to the Cole Kmet in the draft. It made it feel that the Bears wouldn’t look to find their answer to their problem in free agency. On Monday night, the Bears inked Jimmy Graham to a two-year $16 million deal. This is a very questionable move in my eyes as Jimmy Graham is now 33. Jimmy Graham is at the tail-end of his career. However, after signing Trey Burton in 2018 to a 4 year, $32 million deal, Burton has been riddled with injuries. When healthy, he has had little to no impact for the Bears.

Crowded Space

Jimmy Graham will be entering a locker room that has an entire wall of lockers for tight ends. Between Nagy’s 2019 kicker tryout and the current tight ends on the Bears roster, they may need to add on to Halas Hall. The Chicago Bears started free agency earlier this year when they also signed veteran Demetrius Harris to a 1-year deal. With Burton spending most of 2019 injured, the Bears used a combination of Jesper Horsted and J.P. Holtz at the position. Each played well when called upon but never excelled much about their reach, hence why they bringing in Jimmy Graham.

Disgruntled Response

Yes, the signing came to me as a complete shock. I would say this a universal response among all Bears fans. Jimmy Graham was once the best tight end in the NFL, but after seeing Graham play 4 times against the Bears in the last 2 seasons, Graham isn’t as valuable as he once was. The Bears will have to look to cut some times in the tight end room and hope that Graham can provide some value for Nagy and company. Will the Bears be able to snag Teddy Bridgewater? I sure hope so. Pace made a questionable move here and all we can do is hope that it pays off. I truly think Pace’s job is up for jeopardy if he doesn’t turn it around in 2020.


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