It’s that time again. The official NBA Twitter Hashtags (technically called hash flags) have dropped for the 2020-21 season. Many teams are returning with the same hashtags that used a season ago as well they should. We’ve got eight teams debuting rookie hashtags this season along with one old favorite coming out of retirement and a few teams bringing a brand refresh. Make sure you bookmark this article so you can refer to the official NBA Twitter hashtags all season long!


Official NBA Twitter Hashtags

The majority of teams are sticking to the hashtags they’ve used for some time and many of these just should never change. I mean, #WeTheNorth? #ThunderUp? #TakeNote? These are absolute gold. Here’s the entire list of never-change Twitter hashtags for the 2020-21 NBA season.

  • Charlotte Hornets – #AllFly
  • Golden State Warriors – #DubNation
  • Memphis Grizzlies – #GrindCity
  • New Orleans Pelicans – #WontBowDown
  • Portland Trail Blazers – #RipCity
  • Utah Jazz – #TakeNote
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – #BeTheFight
  • Los Angeles Lakers – #LakeShow
  • Milwaukee Bucks – #FearTheDeer
  • Oklahoma City Thunder – #ThunderUp
  • Toronto Raptors – #WeTheNorth


Official NBA Twitter Hashtags

Some of the hashtags NBA teams have used in recent years are #crappy. They’re lame or boring or don’t make sense. But hey, they’re what we’ve got. I will say, the Spurs’ fiesta theme dose a little sumpin’ sumpin’ but still…

Two teams specifically jump out to me as needing to take their tags in a different direction:

  • Denver Nuggets – #MileHighBasketball: Listen Denver, Twitter gives me only 280 characters to say everything I want to say and you’re using up 19 of them. How am I supposed to wax poetic on Jamal Murray’s breakout season or Nikola Jokic’s incredible big-mna passing abilities when
  • Dallas Mavericks – #MFFL: I get it. It’s an acronym. Mavs Fans For Life. But every single time I see this I think of the sound of someone sneezing into their shoulder. It is instantaneous and undeniable. You’ll never be able to see the Mavs’ hashtag in the same light again. #BlessYou

Other #MissedOpportunity hashtags include:

  • Atlanta Hawks – #TrueToAtlanta
  • Los Angeles Clippers – #ClipperNation
  • Sacramento Kings – #SacramentoProud
  • Chicago Bulls – #BullsNation
  • New York Knicks – #NewYorkForever
  • San Antonio Spurs – #GoSpursGo


The Boston Celtics returning to #BleedGreen is great for Official NBA Twitter Hashtags

What the Boston Celtics organization was thinking in changing their official NBA Twitter hashtag to #Celtics is beyond me. Fortunately, someone in the Celtics organization sees things the way I do so #BleedGreen has returned as the tag to keep Celtics fans on the same page during the NBA season. It’s like Paul Pierce is coming out of retirement to don that iconic green uniform once again.


Official NBA Twitter Hashtags

The Miami heat are keeping their official NBA Twitter hashtag from a season ago; #HEATTwitter. I HATE this hashtag. I mean, did they not think about how not convenient it is to type the first five letters in capitals. Either I have to do a bunch of switching between which pinkie is holding the shift key. Or I have to use my caps lock button. Just no. The only thing that saves #HEATTwitter from making my worst of the list is the upgrade to their hash flag. I will never get enough of that hot pink and baby blue color scheme.


As we mentioned in the opening, a number of NBA teams are using brand new official NBA Twitter hashtags this season and some of them are fire! Others would have been better off to run it back with last year’s tags.

Brooklyn Nets – #BrooklynTogether
I’ll sum this up with, meh. I feel like the Nets are trying to preemptively mitigate the eventual face-palm moments that are sure to crop up during the season. “No, really, we’re all on the same page.” Okay, guys.

Detroit Pistons – #DetroitUp
I mean, it’s not the worst… but it definitely doesn’t have the same ring as #De-TroitBasket-Ball!

Houston Rockets – #Rockets
I guess when your team blows up it’s appropriate to retire your cool official NBA Twitter hashtag and adopt one that is more in line with your team’s current prospects…

Indiana Pacers – #AlwaysGame
I get it. I don’t love it. Pretty much how I see the Pacers as a team right now.

Minnesota Timberwolves – #RaisedByWolves
Now that is a hashtag. Perfect impact for a team poised to be better this year than they have in recent memory. I mean, they’re still the Timberwolves and the West is still the West but at least they’ve got the badass official NBA hashtag in place.

Orlando Magic – #MagicTogether
If you have the word ‘magic’ to use and all you can think of to put with it is ‘together’ there’s a creativity problem.

Philadelphia 76ers – #HereTheyCome
Are they? Are they coming though? I’m not sold.

Phoenix Suns – #WeAreTheValley
Badass. That’s it. That’s all I have to say about this one.

Washington Wizards – #DCAboveAll
Again, meh.

And that’s the list. See you all on #NBATwitter!

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