The Nets are now 3-4 and I keep telling myself it’s going to be okay. However, not overreacting is not in my nature.  They lost in overtime to Memphis without Ja Morant, were beat by the Hawks in the second game against them in three days, and had a sloppy game against Washington.  Will they figure it out? Probably.  Will I continue to overreact until they do? Absolutely. 

Spencer’s Absence
The Nets struggles continue since Dinwiddie’s injury

It has been telling thus far that Spencer Dinwiddie will be missed more than we thought.  I say “we” because I refuse to admit I was the only one who didn’t think his role was this important.  Spencer was another ball handler that could create space for Kyrie and KD and take the pressure off of them at times too.  He is a vet and knew his way around the game and actually turned out to be a great fit in this rotation.  While Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot isn’t bad, he’s not Spencer and hasn’t demanded the same attention from the defense that Spencer did.

Caris LeVert
While shining in the bubble last season, Caris is still looking for his rhythm in 2021

In the Memphis game, Caris LeVert dropped 28 and led the Kyrie and Durant-less Nets to overtime against the Grizzlies. He had a chance to end it in the fourth quarter but elected the famous step-back three that works for about four players in the NBA when it matters. I’m not dogging him, he’s the reason they were in the game, but his consistency isn’t there yet.

For as good as he was against Memphis, he was equally bad against the Wizards. 3-13 from the field and a total of six points in 25 minutes is just not a game that can be expected from a guy like LeVert. His role is likely to pick up this week with the absence of Durant.

The Starting Center
The numbers don’t lie. There is no reason that Allen shouldn’t be the starting Center

Okay, it’s not just me anymore. I hate applying an absolute, but I also hate watching DeAndre Jordan play center. Everybody is fully aware that Jarrett Allen is better, and it’s really not even close. I don’t want to see the random DJ block and scream because you’re not going to show me him missing an assignment in the next possession. He has flashes of being good but nothing more than a play or two a game.

Jarrett Allen is averaging about 23 minutes, 10 points, and 11 rebounds a game off the bench, while DJ is at 19 minutes, 8 boards, and 4 points. I rest my case and I’m not listening to arguments. If you want to tell me anyway, my Twitter handle is at the bottom of the page. The only thing this is doing is keeping Allen from getting in a rhythm early with the starting lineup.

The Wizards Game
123-122 Wizards after KD and Kyrie could not score at the end to win it

I’m not going to hit on every detail of every game, but this one deserves some talking about. The ref’s whistles seemed to be on a delay after, what seemed like, every Wizard’s shot attempt. Second, the Nets were treating the basketball like James Harden treats dollar bills in Vegas with how frequently they were giving it away. 20 turnovers? Are you kidding me? The Wizards had over 20 points from turnovers and still just won by a point.

Speaking of the Wizards winning, Brooklyn was in it until the end for as bad as they played. Almost wins don’t count in the playoff seeding, but playing that awful and just losing by one should at least show their room for error. Kyrie Irving took a three at the end of the game, missed, and Kevin Durant missed on the second chance off the rebound. Look, these things will happen, but if they play that sloppy this week, they will get worked and be made into a laughingstock. I can’t take any more of this ‘Knicks are more exciting’ banter.

Next up

Tuesday- Utah 7:30

Thursday- Philly 7:30

Friday- Memphis 8:00

Sunday-OKC 6:00

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