The Masked Dancer season one episode seven premiered this week if you can believe it. Therefore, the remaining contestants fought for the final three spots. Including performances and exclusive clues. One dancer was unmasked and the remaining three will advance to the finale with a chance at the trophy.

The top four contestants eyeing the diamond trophy disguised as Tulip, Sloth, Zebra, and Cotton Candy. They continue to impress everyone with their dance skills as they are all super talented. If anyone missed the show keep reading for a recap on what went down in the semi-finals.

Episode Seven Performances


Sloth was impeccable as he and his partner swept across the floor in a ballroom style dance.  His samba was well down and that is a hard dance to do. A true contender for the finals after this week. He might be a male comedian or actor based on the clues regardless he is a good dancer.

Clues: true love, bad boy, bamboo, trophy, magic and Miami.

Word up clue: app

Most Popular Internet Guess: Hugh Jackman

Cotton Candy

 In her performance, the Cotton Candy was giving off prima ballerina dancing in the club type vibes. Cotton Candy also had some cheerleading moves in her routine that put a smile on everyone’s face. She is a contender after that performance. Once again, the clues are leading to her being a professional gymnast or dancer.

Clues: Rehearsals, cheerleading, undercover, travels a lot, downtown Brooklyn sign and child star.

Word up clue: Covergirl

Most Popular Internet Guess: Gabby Douglas


Zebra is here to prove that he is still at the top of his game despite not being the best dancer. It was one of his best performances as he seems to be getting better every week. Even though he may not be as strong as the other three dancers he has determination on stage. His clue package was confusing this week as they did not match up.

Clues: Gold pail, 510, cure, lost someone close, boxes and Las Vegas.

Word up clue: box office

Most Popular Internet Guess: Oscar De La Hoya


Tulip just kills it each week and her dance this week did not disappoint. She never fails to amaze us with her skills on the dance floor. Her polka routine was an interesting choice and takes a lot of confidence to do. Tulip could be a young Disney star or someone who is popular on the internet.

Clues: best bud, candy apples, youngest in competition, ice burg and boy band posters.  

Word up clue: butterflies

Most Popular Internet Guess: Sara Hyland

Episode Seven Reveal

The reveal this week was an epic surprise as all four dancers were good.  Zebra was revealed as champion boxer Oscar De La Hoya! He is an eleven-time world champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist. It was cool to see because he is considered a legendary boxer.

The competition is getting hotter and hotter as we get closer to the finals. All four dancers brought their best week.  Masked Dancer new Wednesdays on Fox. For more sports and entertainment visit Belly Up Sports.

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