The sports world was in shock today after news broke that Tiger Woods was involved in a single car accident and had to be pulled from the vehicle with the “jaws of life”.

Tiger Woods was involved in a single car accident.

Based on initial reports and photos released, many feared the worst. His agent soon released a statement that Tiger was alive, but suffered injuries that required immediate surgery.

In the Los Angeles area for the 2021 Genesis Invitational, Tiger Woods was on his way to meet NFL quarterbacks Justin Herbert and Drew Brees for golf lessons around 7 a.m. local time. Running late after leaving the hotel, Woods was seen speeding away from the hotel, nearly colliding with another car minutes before his accident.

News broke 4:30 PM PST that Woods had suffered two broken legs and a fractured ankle.

Twitter World Reacts to the Tiger Crash

The entire world, both in golf and outside of golf, gave their support for Tiger and his family after the immediate reports.

The entire sports world is grateful that Tiger was able to make it out of the accident alive. Now, we wait. Hopefully Woods is able to recover from this injury and spend time with his family, maybe even considering putting away his career for good.

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    Two broken legs??? Where did you get that or did you make it up. Another example of fake news.

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