The Semifinals episode of season five of The Masked Singer aired this week, featuring performances and clues as the final four singers took the stage to perform for the chance to make the finals. One of the final four was revealed at the end.

This week the semifinals episode brought us some fun performances. Cluedle-Doo performed and finally revealed himself at the end of the show.  There were some celebrity reveals that will blow your mind. Here are some highlights from the episode, including clues for those who missed it.

Semifinals Recap


Song:” Oh Boy “ by Cameron

Chameleon has some good skills as a rapper leading the panelists to believe he is a professional. He was rapping with the beat during his performance. However, it may not have been enough considering how good the other singers are. His clues included creating his own brand.

Clues: Snake, Phoenix, bricks, Great Britain, moving and confidence.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Wiz Khalifa

Black Swan

Song: “Tequila” by Dan and Shay

The Black Swan gave us an awesome rendition of a current country hit. It seems that she is taking us on an emotional journey every week. Therefore she is a top contender going into next week. The clues for Black Swan included her big break and playing make-believe as a kid.

Clues: Head on, Canada, aquarium, paper bird and after party.

Most Popular Internet Guess: JoJo


Song: “ Bruises” by Lewis Copaldi

Piglet’s performance was beautiful and emotional. Even though he did another ballad, his voice was still on point. He still sounded good, and his costume is cute. The clues referenced Piglet leaving a simple life with his family.

Clues: Simple life, family, football. Mirror and poker chip.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Nick Lachey

More From the Semifinals episode


Song:  Celebration” by Kool and the Gang

Yeti had a nice performance this week, but it may not have been enough to get past the others. However, the dance moves were fun to watch. There is a lot to like about his talent. His clue package included mending his relationship with dad and cold weather.

Clues: Snow globe, forgiveness, North Pole Post Office, new path and Santa Monica.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Omarion


Song: “ Return on the Mack” by Mark Morrison

This season the Masked Singer added another twist in the form of Cluedle-Doo. The new character has been giving viewers behind-the-scenes clues for the contestants along with his antics. Therefore when he took the microphone to sing, it took everyone by surprise. His voice has a recognizable tone to it, and he had some good dance moves that many New Kids on the Block fans recognized.

Clues: TMS, chicken wings, pranks, rock this boat , headlines, VSP, and giraffe.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Donnie Wahlberg

Semifinals Episode Reveal

The Yeti was revealed as singer and actor Omarion Grandberry. He is known for being in the pop group B2K and movies. This was a surprise reveal because he was good enough to go on this week.

Semifinals Episode Cluedle-Doo Reveal

Cluedle-Doo was revealed as singer-songwriter Donnie Wahlberg. He is well known for being a member of the superstar boy band New Kids on the Block and his role on Blue Bloods. This was a fun reveal because he happens to be married to one of the panelists Jenny McCarthy and her shocked reaction when he was revealed.

It was announced that the Masked Singer would be renewed for season six, premiering in fall 2021. Next week will be the season five finals, so tune in for that. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox. For more sports and entertainment, visit Belly Up Sports.

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