I didn’t think that it could happen, but I think there is now a Colts’ Curse. Training camp for Indianapolis continues to go poorly due to injuries, and we are only three days into August? Let’s recap what’s happened so far.

Colts’ Curse Thus Far

That’s how camp’s gone so far. Oh, by the way, Pro-Bowl Guard Quenton Nelson suffered the exact same foot injury at practice today that Carson Wentz suffered. Jacob Eason and Sam Ellinger began taking first-string practice reps and the Colts signed Brett Hundley.

Is the Curse Carson’s Fault?

Carson Wentz, Scott Milanovich

I honestly don’t think anyone’s to blame for the curse, but it can be traced. There’s a laundry list of bad incidents that have happened for the Colts. Andrew Luck keeps getting injured and shockingly retires, Jacoby Brissett continuously underperforms, Philip Rivers becomes the interim quarterback for a year to try and reach the mountain-top, then Carson Wentz shows up and injures his foot. I’m convinced the bad luck began in 2015 in the deflate-gate AFC Championship game where the Patriots slapped the Colts and used deflated footballs.

I wrote about this potential scenario back in February when the Wentz trade happened. If the Colts catch lightning in a bottle and Wentz plays in his 2017 MVP-caliber form, then this trade turns out to be a no-brainer. If Wentz is injured, as he is now, then we can all sit and laugh at the Colts. I’m not laughing because this is just sad. This was the Colts’ shot to take the AFC South, or at least rival the Titans for control. Jacksonville is rebuilding and Houston is a dumpster-fire. This was Indy’s window. Wentz isn’t out for the year, but it could put them behind in the race to win the AFC South.

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