If you watched the Seahawks take on the Colts last Sunday, you’d know it wasn’t much of a game. The Seahawks, in large part, controlled the Colts and coasted to an easy 28-16 win. Russell Wilson was sharp, efficient, and had a strong week one performance. His pass attempts were limited, having thrown just 23 total passes, which ranked 30th among starters, but Wilson still threw four touchdowns. After a slightly hectic off-season, it appears the Seahawks are locked in and ready to play.

While the microscope was obviously going to be on Wilson’s performance, there might’ve been an even bigger one on the Seahawk’s new offensive coordinator, Shane Waldron. Wilson made noise in the off-season about the Seahawk’s offensive struggles, so Seattle hired Waldron to fix it. After the game, Colts star linebacker Darius Leonard spoke out about the Seahawks offensive adjustments.

If you’re familiar with the Seahawks past two offensive coordinators, you’d know that Seattle has clamored for a clever play-caller. Darrell Bevell and Brian Schottenheimer were okay coordinators, but more often than not made Seahawks fans miserable on Sundays. Myself, being one of them. Though, at this point, it’s fair to question how much of it was Pete Carroll as opposed to the acting offensive coordinator.

Nonetheless, week one showed promise not only for the season but for Wilson’s future in Seattle. The defense is a work in progress, but if Pete Carroll truly allows Shane Waldron to call the offense, maybe Sundays won’t be so bleak.

One Change Moving Forward

Plain and simple, the Seahawks must allow Russell Wilson to throw more. Maybe week one was just one of those games where they didn’t need to, but Wilson should be throwing at least 30 times a game. The saying is, “Let Russ Cook” for a reason. The Seahawk’s next two games are against the Titans and Vikings, two teams with poor secondaries. If there’s any game for the Seahawks to pass first and run second, it’s this Sunday, at home, against the Titans.

Russell Wilson has already made it clear he wants to be in an offense similar to the Chiefs. An offense that’s not only creative but maximizes the passing game. Throwing just 23 times a game is bound to upset the applecart at some point. Knowing Pete, sooner or later, he’ll start clamoring to run the football more. But assuming he stays out of it, this should be a refreshing season for Seahawks fans.

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