The Masked Singer Time Warp episode aired this week. As Group A celebrities took the stage and another wild card was introduced.

Group A has some strong and talented singers that stepped up their game. It was another entertaining episode that was inspired by the 80s and 90s. Here’s a rundown of the amazing performances, interesting clues, and huge elimination.

Time Warp Episode Performances


The Bull’s performance gave everyone goosebumps that’s how good it was. His falsetto and vocal range were amazing this week. He showed a lot of emotion which was refreshing. The clues referenced being a professional singer and broadway plays.

Clues: Nail, rock star, fast-food lover, lighthouse, mac computer, and rent.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Todrick Hall


Hamster sang his song in Spanish, and it was better than expected. He has a nice voice and a good stage presence that he showed off. The clues referenced that Hamster shared in three Emmy nominations for helping to write a late-night staple in the 90s.

Clues: Afterparty, polaroid, November, Latin music, and portable tv.  

Most Popular Internet Guess: Rob Schneider


It was a great and emotional performance by Pepper who sang her heart out. She has an interesting tone to her voice and can hit some big notes. The panelists were impressed with her this week. Her clue package talked about the hardships of show business like lack of privacy.

Clues: Interviews, red carpets, trophy, wizard, overnight success, iPod, and 2000’s.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Natasha Bedingfield


Skunk took it back to the 90s with an upbeat song which was nice considering she always does ballads. Her unique voice makes it hard to pinpoint her identity. Though the panelists feel like she could be a singer from the 90s based on clues. She referenced regretting a fight with a loved one.

Clues: 90s, loss, dinner party, 607, dream girls and pager.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Faith Evans

Time Warp Wild Card


Meet Jester the newest wild card who made his debut on Wednesday night’s episode. The costume is super creepy which is fitting with it being Halloween season. He did a rock song for his performance, and it was good. His clues referenced being a big star who has a bad reputation.

Clues: Icon, most influential people, chickens, troublemaker, and plaid jacket.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Ricky Gervais

Time Warp Episode Reveal

The Hamster was revealed as actor and comedian Rob Schneider. He is known for his roles n movies like the Hot Chick and Grown Ups. This was a surprise elimination considering he did a good job.

There have been some big moments so far this season like the reveal this week. Tune in next week for more fun. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays 7/8 c on Fox.

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