Argentine striker Sergio Aguero has announced his retirement from football. The decision has come due to heart problems and in tragic fashion, the footballing world is forced to say goodbye to one of the sport’s most legendary players. However, the legacy he left behind will never be forgotten.

Sergio Aguero Makes Announcement on Wednesday

Sergio Aguero shoots the ball in a match.

With rumors of a retirement announcement circulating for weeks now, FC Barcelona set up a meeting Wednesday morning.

An emotional Aguero officially announced the end of his football career. The Argentine superstar experienced heart problems during Barcelona’s match against Alaves. This came at the end of October, and he hasn’t played since. Overall, Aguero’s time at Barcelona has been injury-plagued. However, it was clear that the chest pain he felt was much more serious.

It was reported that Aguero was told by the medical staff that it was a risk to continue playing. Consequently, Aguero made the difficult but important decision to say farewell to football. Similarly, Christian Eriksen experienced heart problems on the pitch just a few months ago. With Eriksen’s heart failure during Euro 2020 in mind, it isn’t hard to understand Aguero’s retirement. The footballing world has seen firsthand the dangers of heart problems in recent times. Health has to take priority over football.


Sergio Aguero celebrates scoring the title-winning goal against QPR in 2012.

Sergio Aguero will go down as one of the all-time Premier League greats. The Argentine has struck fear into rival fans. He’s given us some incredible moments over the years. Perhaps the most iconic was his league-winning goal against QPR. It was 2-2 in the dying minutes of the game. Manchester United would win the 2011-12 Premier League title as things stood. City needed one more goal if they wanted the title to be theirs. Enter Sergio Aguero.

As a result, Manchester City won the title that year thanks to their beloved Argentine striker. Sergio Aguero scored one of if not the most historic goals the Premier League has ever seen. However, this was only one of 260 for Man City ALONE. Furthermore, he bagged another century of goals for Atletico Madrid and in total scored 379 club goals in 663 matches throughout his career.

Thank You, Sergio!

Sergio Aguero celebrates with the Premier League trophy.

The footballing community owes a lot to Sergio Aguero. Whether it was the Champions League or the PL, you knew you were in for an exciting match when Aguero’s name was in the lineup.

He played during the “golden era” of the Premier League. He delivered countless memories and gave us one of the most insane endings to a league campaign ever. He’s the highest-scoring non-English player in PL history. He has without a doubt earned Man City legend status.

And most of all, he will forever be remembered as a goal-scoring machine.

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