Motorpoint Arena: Nottingham, UK:

After shocking the boxing world by even winning the WBA “regular” featherweight strap from Can Xu; Leigh Wood once again scored a big victory. Wood’s huge comeback win was in front of a rowdy hometown crowd against the now formerly undefeated Michael Conlan. The walk off TKO came at 1:25 of the final round.

Conlan, taking it to the champion early made the fight look like it would be a quick night. He put him down in the closing seconds of round-1, then using his signature body work, left hand, and foot work had the fight well in control. That work made Wood look slow, and with his chin up it made him look like a heavy bag.

But trainer Ben Davison got his fighter to slowly chip away at the challengers lead. The duo exchanged with Wood looking for a homerun shot and Conlan overall doing more work. However the heart of a champion is massive. He kept coming forward and tried to keep the pressure on the younger fighter.

Needing a finish in the championship rounds; Wood finally put Conlan on the canvas in the 11th-round. Although Conlan and his corner argued it was a slip. Then in the final round Wood went on the attack and along the ropes; where Conlan happily spent most of the fight, got clipped. He started to crumble and then went out of the ring and off the apron to the floor below.

Wood’s Huge Comeback Win; How Long Does He Stay Champ

That all depends. Wood was on his way to a real fast and short reign. Conlan showed some holes in the champion. And what should be his next defense, will be littered with land mines. It doesn’t matter if it’s either WBA super champ Leo Santa Cruz or the winner of Josh Warrington and IBF champion Kiko Martinez.

And despite all his heart, he’s on the short side of the talent pool in those fights. Especially against one of the most rounded fighters, Cruz. While Conlan was awake when rushed to the hospital, he should be back soon enough. And with the way this fight wound up, running it back is definitely in the conversation.

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