Ht – 6’1”          Wt – 228lb      Class – SR        Age – 22

Career Statistics

2021 Stats – 270 Att, 1327 RuYds (4.9 YPC), 20 TD, 18 Rec, 131 RecYds (14 Games Played)
Career Stats – 452 Att, 2324 RuYds (5.1 YPC), 30 TD, 24 Rec, 171 RecYds (32 Games Played)

Attribute Breakdown

Vision – Oddly inconsistent. Had occasions of phenomenal vision and anticipation but made many bone-headed decisions. At times, he just lowered his shoulder and barreled into defenders even when he had other options. Still, the high-end potential of his vision is outstanding. He displayed it also in his running on the second level, maneuvering behind blocks with precision.

Elusiveness – Surprisingly elusive for a runner of his size. While he isn’t exceptionally shifty, he has a mean jump cut, and he is a very smooth runner. He won’t juke players out of their shoes, but he is great at finding the lane that will minimize “tackleability”.

Agility – Smooth and nimble, which is shocking for his size. He can twist and wiggle like the best of them, and he has a knack for getting skinny and slipping behind blocks.

Blocking – Using his size, he sets a great anchor and carries a punch in his chip blocks. His technique and placement could use refinement, but he has great potential and showed great tools.

Burst – Haskins bursts through holes with explosion and speed. He combines great vision with elite burst to form an unstoppable combo behind the line. Once he finds his crevice, he is on the second level before the defenders can blink.

Explosiveness –He is a natural home-run hitter who can take it the distance on any play. His big-play speed is astonishing for someone of his size, making him an elite threat.

Receiving – Haskins was uninvolved in the passing game. Still, he showed a good ability to cut and break off his routes with suddenness, and good reliable hands. He didn’t showcase much as a pass-catcher at Michigan, but I think he will be one of those ‘Backs who suddenly becomes a pass-catcher, despite having little experience in college.

Combine – Although Haskins didn’t do much at the Combine, it was a plus performance for him. Measuring in as the largest Running Back in the class, while also having the burst and explosiveness he did is tantalizing. He also put up 27 Bench reps, showing off great strength.

Hassan Haskins is a massive presence, and his size for the Running Back position is rare. Combine that with his extreme agility and explosiveness, and he possesses a rare combo


Hassan Haskins is one of the less-discussed Running Backs in this class, and I think that’s ought to change. His potential is extremely intriguing, and he seems to me like a lock for a bell-cow role at the NFL level and a successful one at that.
Usually, Running Backs are either big and slow bruisers, or small and nimble pass-catchers, with the unavoidable occasional outlier. Haskins is a clear outlier, as he possesses the nimbleness, explosiveness, and fluidity of a smaller back, while also having the size, strength, and contact balance of a larger back.
Haskins also has a rare blend of having fresh legs with little wear and tear, while also having experience as a bell cow. He was hardly relied on earlier in his career, and then in his final season he was the focal point of the run-heavy Michigan offense, having 7 games of 20+ carries, and 4 of those being 27+.
Hassan Haskins is an exciting prospect, who I believe deserves much more love. He might even be one of those Running Backs who “inexplicably” gets drafted earlier than everyone expects, and then shows why he was still under drafted.

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