There are almost no words to describe the meltdown that occurred on Saturday night. With the Vols committing six turnovers, having a safety and a touchback in the same game, and Sapp’s sketchy return to the locker room, things are not looking up for Jeremy Pruitt’s program. 

Tennessee now has only 4 wins in their last 14 games and have slowly become the laughing stock of college football and the SEC (Minus Arkansas, of course.) I cannot imagine the misery that these fans are experiencing on the 20th Anniversary of their last National Championship. If you haven’t seen who the Vols will be playing their next three games I would recommend taking a peek. It is truly laughable:

Sept. 29th: Tennessee vs. #2 Georgia (-32.5)

Oct. 13th: Tennessee vs. #9 Auburn 

Last but not least…

Oct. 20th: #1 Alabama vs. Tennessee 

I’m not sure who is directly in charge of scheduling here… but anyone with a brain and access to Google would understand how incredibly mindless that decision was. No one, and I mean no one, will ever have to run the table like Tennessee is forced to do over the next month. I understand that scheduling is done years in advance, however, Tennessee’s last BCS Bowl appearance was 14 years ago. In the last five years alone, Georgia, Alabama, and Auburn have been to a combined 9 BCS Bowl games. Meanwhile, the last bowl game Rocky Top has won was the Music City Bowl back in 2016… to add another classic 9-4 season under Butch Jones belt. 

It’s needless to say that last weekend was an embarassment of a performance against the Florida Gators but take a quick look at these stat-lines: 


The Florida Gators only had 23 more offensive total yards and were significantly worse on third downs. With only ~50 more yards rushing it would come as a surprise to many that Saturday was a 26 point blowout in Florida’s favor. All it would take is to scroll down one more line to see the real reason why though:

Y i k e s.

At the end of the day, Pruitt knows his team is capable of playing to a higher level and a much better efficiency. I truly do not wish any more harm on this already beaten program. So, take some time out of your day and say a prayer for the Volunteers… because they are about to run the GAUNTLET.

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