There is not a better word to describe the Oakland Raiders other than that they are a mess. This team under Jack Del Rio reached the playoffs in 2016/17 with a MVP type season from Derek Carr. Who knows how that season would have ended if Carr doesn’t break his leg at the end of the season? Ever since that season it is clear to see Carr hasn’t been the same. With that being said Mark Davis didn’t think Del Rio was getting the job done and then decided to sign Jon Gruden to what seems to be the worst contract in the history of the NFL (10 years for 100 million). Gruden is making it very apparent that he is the one running the show; a show that includes patience and “trusting” a “process”.

The Contract

Jon Gruden is going to be around for a while. He wasn’t going to leave the Monday night booth unless he got an absurd contract. It just so happened that Mark Davis was crazy enough to offer it. Not only was it shocking about the contract, but the fact that they fired Del Rio. Del Rio was 25-23 during his time with the Raiders. One of those seasons consisted of a 12-4 record that ended poorly because of the injury to Derek Carr. The Raiders were absolutely terrible before Del Rio took over, so for him to get fired after 3 seasons is right up the Davis families alley. Since Art Shell back in 1989, the Raiders haven’t had a head coach for longer than 3 years. So for Gruden to be signed for 10 years is very odd.

The Process

The 76ers tanked for multiple years in a league that has 82 games and a lottery system which means you are not guaranteed the best pick in the draft regardless if you are the worst team in the league. The NFL only has 16 games with a draft in which the worst team from that year gets the first pick. It almost feels like Gruden is playing Madden and just simulating through his first season while getting a bunch of draft picks.

Jon Gruden is tanking…

He just traded away a 24 year old wide receiver for a first round pick. Even though Cooper hasn’t played as well as many thought he would, he still was a young player that you could build a receiving core around. Cooper is just another young player along with one of, if not the best defensive player in the league, Khalil Mack. The Mack trade happened also due to contract disputes, but if you are a team in win now mode, you find a way to pay that man.

Will it Work?

The Raiders now have three first round picks in 2019, along with two more in 2020. They are most likely going to get rid of Derek Carr as well so they can make that contract disappear. If you are a Raiders fan you must be disgusted. For me I starting to jump on the wagon. Do I think Gruden is smart for doing what he has done, heck no! But if you don’t think he mentioned this rebuild when he signed this deal, I would also have to disagree. While everyone is not a fan of what Chucky is doing, I have been down this road in “Trusting the Process” as a Philadelphia fan. Although the Sixers haven’t reached the Goal of a championship, it is a heck of a lot more fun to watch and the Process was worth it.

Only time will tell if Gruden knows what he is doing. Raiders fans are just gonna have to sit back and enjoy the ride, because it looks like Gruden is going to be around for a long time. 

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