Running a bar in Athens, Ohio means that Halloween is a very big deal to myself. My first experience to HallOUween was as an outsider. I visited my brother to see what this “party of the year” known as the Block Party was really all about. If you are a fan of drunken debauchery like I am than this weekend is the one for you. Bands, costumes, house parties, and some awesome bar scenes makes the weekend a don’t miss. I have seen some hilarious costumes through my years of the block party and I’m here to help all of you choose your hockey related ones for this years festivities.

The List

  • Blind Referee

60% of the time, gets a laugh every time, always a classic so its hard to go wrong on this one. Especially being a Flyers fan.

  • Hockey Team and Lord Stanley Himself

This one is for the couples, or if you are a ‘yotes fan you can find a girl that is way out of your league to dress up as the cup.

  • The Hanson Triplets

“Gimme a grape or an orange and none of that stinkin’ root beer.”

  • Olympic Diving Sydney Crosby

Whoever said that you’re not supposed to have a little bit of bias in your writing? This costume is not recommended west of Philadelphia though so chose wisely unless you want to be “that guy.”

  • Pierre Dorian missing poster

It’s no debate that Ottawa’s front office has made some questionable choices about their future, therefore this costume is a must this Halloween.

  • Gritty

This is the last on the list but most likely one of, if not, the most popular for the 2018 Halloween season. Gritty went from the most WTF mascot to one of the easiest to love. There have already been children’s costumes seen throughout games and its believable to think this will just be the start. So get on the horse early and “come in like a wrecking ball” this Halloween.

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