Ladies and gents, welcome into week 9 of the Korner-Booth. Last week, I shot a very average 16-12. This week I will bounce back,  but also with the upcoming debut of the Korner-Booth podcast coming next week, my co-host Marc Reilly is also making his picks this week, so let’s get to it.

NCAA Week 10

#2 Clemson vs. Louisville


Marc’s Pick: Clemson

#4 Notre Dame @ Northwestern


Marc’s Pick: Irish

#7 Oklahoma @ Texas Tech


Marc’s Pick: Mahomes will beat Baker this weekend, but Tech won’t do the same unfortunately

# 8 Washington State vs. California

Wassu St

Marc’s Pick: Cal

#10 Ohio State vs Nebraska


Marc’s Pick: Nebraska


#11 Florida vs. Missouri


Marc’s Pick: Drew Lock will supposedly be better in the NFL. Not good enough in college to beat the Gators

#15 Utah @ Arizona State


Marc’s Pick: ASU

#16 Iowa @ Purdue


Marc’s Pick: (upset pick) Home win for the boilermakers and Tyler Trent

#18 Miss. State vs. La Tech

Miss St

Marc’s Pick: La Tech

#19 Syracuse @ Wake Forest


Marc’s Pick: Cuse

#20 Texas A&M @ Auburn


 Marc’s Pick: Tigers

#21 N.C. State vs. Florida State

Wolf Pack

Marc’s Pick: Wolf Pack

#22 Boston College vs. Va Tech


Marc’s Pick: Va tech

#23 Fresno State @ UNLV


Marc’s Pick: Bulldogs

#24 Iowa State @ Kansas


Marc’s Pick: Cyclones

#25 Virginia vs. Pittsburgh


Marc’s Pick: Cavs

#5 Michigan vs. #14 Penn State

Big blue is a better team, with a better roster, and a better coach give me big blue.

Marc’s Pick: Is Harbaugh coaching for his job??? He shouldn’t be, but this is a pretty close must win for him, Wolverines.


#6 Georgia @ #9 Kentucky

Bulldogs because Kentucky is lucky to be here.

Marc’s Pick: LSU is better than I think, or Georgia just had a fluke game. Either way I am a big fan of the Bulldogs

#13 West Virginia @ #17 Texas

Texas is a better team last week was a reality check.

Marc’s Pick: WVU, I need this, the Big 12 needs this, horns down!

#1 Alabama @ #3 LSU

The CFB world wants LSU, but roll tide in this one but I hope I’m wrong. 

Marc’s Pick: Bama The world is going to learn that Bama’s offense is for real.

NFL Week 10

Falcons vs. Redskins

Redskins have a better Defense but the falcons can score with ease and im no sold on the skins yet falcons with the upset.

Marc’s Pick: Redskins get back to normal and move back in the NFC East. If AP keeps running like he is in his prime then this might come back to bite me…Falcons.

Chiefs vs. Browns

Chiefs… really… not a hard choice.

Marc’s Pick: Mahomes win this shootout when it matters in the NFL compared to college

Lions vs. Vikings

Vikings are better and at home…

Marc’s Pick: Lions

Bears vs. Bills

Bills are bad, really bad so DAAAA Bears.

Marc’s Pick: Bears


Steelers vs. Ravens

Steelers are the hot team they take this round ravens are unraveling.

Marc’s Pick: Ravens

Buccaneers vs. Panthers

Panthers are better and Cam is playing out of his mind they will win easy.

Marc’s Pick: Panthers are good, but always seem to lose the one they are supposed to win. Also lets get real, Fitzmagic is back

Jets vs. Dolphins

Dolphins win a close one they have a better roster and Brock just has to manage the win.

Marc’s Pick: Brocketship is due to throw another 5 more interceptions, Jets

Texans vs. Broncos

Texans keep rolling easy

Marc’s Pick: Texans

Chargers vs. Seahawks

Chargers win what will be high scoring because the Chargers are the Heart attack team but they will pull it out.

Marc’s Pick: Chargers, My toughest pick so far, this game decided if they Chargers are different from past years and can win that 50/50 game to get over the hump

Rams vs. Saints

Rams, if there is an upset its all Brees, Kalmara and Mike Thomas.

Marc’s Pick: TRAP GAME! Everyone thinks this is where the undefeated season ends. “Insert Lee Corso ‘Not so fast!’”


Packers vs. Patriots

Packers are falling apart Pats win easy.

Marc’s Pick: Rodgers has only played Tom once and he is 1-0. Brady cares about super bowls, not head to head. Patriots lose this one by a late field goal.

Titans vs. Cowboys

Titians are a better team and they beat a week cowboys past defense.

Marc’s Pick: Dallas Because I don’t like the Cowboys!

Last Call:

On Thursday the Raiders got slaughtered by the 49ers and I though to my self how did this happen. I could write about the Hurricanes disappearing backbone in college football this year, but honestly, the Raiders are in a far worse spot. Gruden said that free agents were dying to play in Oakland. I’m paraphrasing what the delusional head coach of the Oakland Raiders said but I was like really, who Dez Bryant… this team is a mess the third-string QB of the 49ers Nick Mullens. The Raiders are dead and Jon Killed them the only saving graces is that these 4 first round picks are all pro bowlers, God Raiders stay strong.

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