This is something I’ve wanted to do on Thursdays for a while and I told myself I’d start doing this once the new year started. These videos that I’ll share on Thursdays, are videos that I really enjoyed when I was in college. That was a cool decade ago so there might be some gems that the younger crowd out there may not of ever seen. I think I might be the oldest person here at Belly Up and I if I can open their and your eyes, every Thursday, to some of these all-timers, well then that’s a good thing, maybe the best of things. 

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This will be one of my favorite Throwback Thursday videos that I’ll share with you. I have a feeling that I’ll be saying that a lot of the next few months, or however long I do this. But this truly is one of my favorites. This altercation happened in 2004 and when I saw it in 2007, I was taken by every moment of it.

From everyone packed in that little hallway feeling the tension in the room, to Glenn Danzing squaring up with a guy that you wouldn’t expect be able to throw a right haymaker at the speed that he did, to that same guy with perceived slow hands dropping the former Misfits frontman with blow, to Danzig crawling around the ground trying to figure out what universe he was in. It’s a masterful piece of footage that gets recounted very well in this article written by one of the guys in the band of the guy who dropped Danzig. The author goes over everything that led up to Danzig getting smashed and how he most certainly deserved to be dealt with the way he was.

The situation is pretty simple. This guy’s band was upset that Danzig was rushing the entire show and that there wasn’t another stage setup, which they were told there would be. Then, once Danzig was finished playing, the stage started to get taken down and the guy who did all the punching went up to Danzig just to talk about it. There was a ton of tension in the room and everyone knew it was ready to boil over. Then Danzig, who apparently was a black belt in karate which makes the whole situation that much better, pushed the bigger dude and said those magic words that did him in, and the bigger guy laid him out like he wasn’t even there.

What I never understood about Danzig’s approach is what exactly did he think was going to happen after pushing a guy and saying what he said? I’m guessing Danzig thought that there was no way this much bigger guy, who compared to Danzig is a nobody in the music business would ever come back at the great Glenn Danzig even after getting pushed in front of everyone. Well, he couldn’t of been more wrong as we learned because it turns out that this much bigger guy was quite alright with responding just how’d you expect a guy who his double the size of another guy getting shoved would respond.

Fight videos really have taken off in the last decade and many are hilarious. But to me, this video of Danzig getting knocked out is right up there especially because of how in the wrong he was. It’s an occurrence where we get to see the villain get what they deserve. It taught us, like the late great Charlie Murphy once said about Prince’s perceived basketball skills “never judge a book by its cover, because this cat could ball.” Never judge a guy’s fighting ability because they look like they can’t throw hands because you might get embarrassed.

Even after this, I still get up for the song Mother by Danzig even though whenever I hear it, I laugh thinking about the night Danzig got pwned in a hallway in Tuba City.

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