The Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans agreed on the framework on trade that would bring Anthony Davis to Los Angeles. The deal will not be official until July 6th. The Lakers cap space will be 23.7 million if the agreement is official on July 6th.

The Lakers are trying to purchase second-round picks. Doing that gives the Lakers the ability to exceed the salary cap with the minimum contracts. Also, the Lakers trying to trade Mo Wagner, Jemerrio Jones, and Issac Bonga. Those three players account for 4.9 million in cap space.

If the Lakers can pull these trades off, they would still need Anthony Davis to his four million dollar trade bonus to get the 32 million in cap space to sign a max player. The problem is Wagner, Jones, and Bonga do not have much trade value.

Bonga played in 22 games averaging 5.5 minutes per game, Jones played in only six games. Wagner played in 43 games averaging 4.8 points a game. It will be a tall task for the Lakers to find teams to trade for these players. I also don’t see teams trying to help the Lakers try and get a third-star player.

Lakers Cap Space

If the Lakers can pull this off, it would put them in the running for Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, and Kemba Walker. Although it has been rumored Leonard is not looking at the Lakers and Kyrie is looking to play with the Nets. It is still time for them to change their minds and play for the Lakers if that max spot does open up.

Say the Lakers free up the 32 million and do not sign a max player. They then would be able to bring multiple role players to create depth. The could get some three and D players, and find a couple of point guards. Rajon Rondo wants to come back he could be cheap and good for the Lakers. Let us see what happens over the next couple weeks, should be interesting.

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