Sneaker Wrap Up

Week three wasn’t as dense as my other weeks mostly, because NBA all-star weekend took over Chicago. This was its first time here since the late 80s. I filled my weekend with sneaker events and basketball events that showed the lady hoopers some love. Continue reading week 3 of Sneaker Wrap Up. A weekly discussion on sneaker culture.

Week 3 Sneaker Wrap Up
Diamond Deshields// Chicago Sky

We saw Diamond Deshields at Wintrust Arena. Team USA held a practice that was open to the public. We hurried in and got some very nice seats. A few minutes into the practice Diamond walked in! We yelled, “Diamond, what’s on your feet?” “Y’all wanna see what’s on my feet?” She showed us her purple Airmax 90s. Grab a pair of your own HERE.

Artist Mauricio Perdomo introduces his Jordan 1 convertible concept. The thought is that the shoe can be worn as either a high or a low. The detachable upper can also be used to mix and match with other pairs. 

Lego Jordans by Tom Yoo

Week 3 Sneaker Wrap Up

Tom Yoo is the creator of the Lego Air Jordan. I’ve always been amazed at the Lego creations people make. But Mr. Yoo takes the cake. His designs are so raw and they are very detailed oriented. Check out his Instagram for Lego mock-ups of everything from a Jordan 1 to the Nike Airmag. He’s even got a few Yeezys designs made. Yoo teamed up with Lego and posted intricate details and an instruction guide so fans can make their own. 

Week 3 Sneaker Wrap Up
Ree aka Sn’eads by Ree

Ree linked with Clothsurgeon to create this look. Clothsurgeon used a patchwork design for the suit and more of a color block pattern for the overcoat. Both parts look amazing to me and lands Ree on this week’s sneaker wrap up. Get familiar with the cartoonist Ree here

Jordan 1 Milan

The color scheme is on this Jordan 1 mid is an ode to the architecture in Milan. So much so that it almost makes you forget that it’s a mid, 😂😂. I am team #NoMidsAllowed but if the fine materials such as canvas, suede, and tumbled leather appeal to you feel free to cop on reseller sites like Goat or StockX.   

I also spotted the Goat G-wagon and attended the intense CPS championship between Simeon and Kenwood Academy. Simeon won but both teams did well and have college-level players on their squads. 

Week 3 Sneaker Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed week 3 Sneaker Wrap Up, until next week ✌🏾. IG = Chroniclesofroc. Check out my other articles.

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