11 players. That’s how many guys the Dolphins selected over the past three days. I wrote on Wednesday that Thursday was the most important day for the Dolphins in the last 20 years. I still believe that and I 100 percent feel that the Dolphins put the building blocks in place to be relevant for the next 8-19 years. With rounds 4-7, the Dolphins didn’t let their foot off the gas and continued their theme of big, bruising dudes that can do multiple things. Versatility is the name of the game Brian Flores plays, and he makes sure everyone he brings in to his fox hole eats and breaths a versatile life.

Between free agency, where the Dolphins murdered, and the NFL Draft, where they got big and strong, the Dolphins have put together a squad that won’t be the doormat of the AFC. Instead, they have a roster that will be around 50 percent new guys. That gross roster Miami had last year won five games, gave one away on a terrible two-point try, and were in others late. Oh, and management was trying to tank. All that going on and they won five games. It makes you wonder what can this outfit do when everyone is trying to win?

Like Hannibal Smith, I love it when a plan comes together and Flores and Chris Grier had a plan. That plan was simple. Draft the quarterback of the future and protect him with enormous, versatile guys who enjoy smashing people. Miami accomplished both of those things while not sacrificing any of their future. The Dolphins still have two first-round picks next year. And the way they do business, they may have one or two more by the 2021 Draft. You really can’t pin down how this regime will operate. Maybe, they eventually trade Xavien Howard for a first or send Parker for a second? Who knows? What I do know is that, finally, the Dolphins are doing things in a smart manner and it feels weird. Here are the guys they drafted and traded for from day three of the draft.

Solomon Kindley

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There’s not a ton of individual highlights on Solomon Kindley, who the Dolphins traded up to get. Here’s what you need to know. He’s 6’4″, 340 lbs. Nuff said where I’m sitting. The phrase road-grader gets thrown around a lot and it’s because of guys like this. He grinds human beings into the ground when he gets his hands on you. The thing is when you’re 6’4″, 340 lbs, you’re not very fast. So, don’t expect a ton of pulling from him. That’s okay, Miami will be predominantly a downhill running team. As for pass protection…

Kindley was the third and last offensive linemen taken by the Dolphins. They drafted Austin Jackson in the first round and Robert Hunt in the second. With bringing in Ereck Flowers and Ted Karras along with Dolphin veterans Michael Dieter and Jessie Davis and a slew of other depth guys, the Dolphins will have real competition on the line with guys who aren’t all nobodies and projects. Nice. Last word in Kindley, I get a Jamie Nails vibe from him.

Jason Strowbridge

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This pick feels like a Flores’ special. You just get the feeling that Flores knows exactly how to use a man with attributes that Strowbridge. I actually remember this guy from this past season. In the game against Clemson, where UNC nearly won, he was all over the field. He can play stand- linebacker or go down as defensive end in a 3-4.

Flores has a history of working with unheralded linebackers such as Kyle Van Noy. Hey, we got him, Jamie Collins, and Rob Ninkovich and turning them into real-deal players. How many times, watching a Dolphins Patriots game did some unknown defensive player that you never heard of step up and make big plays? The answer is all the time. That’s what I want Miami to be; a place where random guys make names for themselves. Also, anyone with the word bridge in their name is gonna be good. Those are the rules. BONUS HIGHLIGHTS:

Dolphins Trade a Fifth Rounder for Matt Breida

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After Miami passed on all of the stud running backs, something I didn’t enjoy, we knew they were going to have to do something. The conventional wisdom and the rumors all pointed them to trading a fourth-round pick for Leonard Fournette. Apparently, it was close to happening then didn’t Oh well. I’m fine with Fournette not in Miami.

The Dolphins pulled a quick audible and traded for Matt Breida. I’m definitely fine with this. Miami has the power back in Jordan Howard. Now, they needed the speed guy, and Breida is loaded with speed. Breida is also solid with pass-catching. The biggest knock on him is that he gets hurt all the time. I’d like to think that won’t be the case in Miami but I have no reason to think that. Fingers crossed.

Curtis Weaver

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Here’s some numbers to go along with the highlights.

If you go on Twitter and type Curtis Weaver’s name you see a ton of “steal of the draft” and “how did this guy fall so late?” I have no idea why he did fall so late. You’d think when you have more sacks than Chase Young you should be thought of a little higher. Is it because Boise State isn’t a mega school with mega competition, or is there an off the field issue we don’t know about? It’s like Miami getting Preston Williams last year. He was of the nation’s leaders in many categories and he went undrafted? These things happen and I hope Weaver will have the trajectory that Williams had.

Weaver joins a thin defensive line with an even thinner defensive end unit that doesn’t have to many play makers. I expect you’ll see him on the field sooner than later.

Blake Ferguson

Instead of showing you highlights of Blake Ferguson snapping the shit out of the ball, here’s Blake doing a Coach O impression. Not bad

It’s one of those things where you wonder why Miami took a long snapper. Perhaps, the Dolphins had too many picks and were just like fuck it, lets take this guy and never worry about snaps again.

Malcolm Perry

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I suggest you take 15 minutes and watch this Malcolm Perry highlight tape. It’s fun and you should like fun. With their last pick of the draft, Maimi selected a wide receiver, who played quarterback while also being a running back. Simply put, Malcolm Perry played the position of football player. He did everything for Navy’s option offense. This past year, in the Army/Navy game, Perry put on a show.

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Now, did Perry play against the best of the best week after week? No, he did not. But every time he was on the field, he was the best player on the field. Perry is that guy from your town when you grew up that was best at everything. It sucked playing against him in any sport because you knew he wasn’t going to be stopped. He translated that to college football. I hope he makes this team. His position of not having a position on offense is becoming more of a thing. Taysum Hill, now Jalen Hurts and Tommy Stevens are making the jack of all trades offensive player a reality.

A bright future is what is on the horizon for the Miami Dolphins. This feels different than year’s past and you know it. It, finally, seems that there are adults running the team. In free agency and the draft, Miami addressed their needs and got backups to those needs. The jimmies and joes cliche is a true one and I believe the Dolphins have enough good players to contend for a playoff spot this season if there’s a season. Considering what they were last year, that’s a wild statement. I stand by it.

Also, make sure you and your loved ones are draped in the shirt of the Summer.

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