Drivers have been stuck at home without live racing at the track since Mid-March. America is stuck at home without sports or toilet paper for that matter, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The most pressing question of the day…What in the world are drivers doing with their time off the track? The daunting week in and week out schedule usually keeps drivers away from home and family much of their year. So a look into their lives away from the track is a unique opportunity.

iRacing Series


The iRacing series has been running full speed, keeping some of the Cups series top personalities occupied on FOX Sports. However, NASCAR on NBC will show us some of the unique setups that drivers have assembled to give them a leg up on their competitors. These setups are no joke and are pretty legit. They can get pretty competitive with it too.

Samantha and Kyle Busch are looking to spruce up the basement, but it turns out it’s not quite what it started out to be.

Others, such as Joey Logano are looking to help fight COVID-19…

DeLana and Kevin Harvick are enjoying the extra time spent with the kiddos and apparently some…Boogers!?

Clint Bowyer is using the time to catch up on unfinished projects.

While still others, such as Brad Keselowski, brave the masses and try to make homemade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE, a phrase we all are familiar with now) before they attempt their grocery store visit.

Even though drivers are stuck at home like the rest of us, they are making the most of their time spent there. NASCAR is and has always been focused on the family and we can see this aspect running through the lives of the biggest names in the sport today. The drivers are just like you and me with the same routines, ideas, and aspirations. The only difference is, is that we get to watch their day job on T.V. each week from the comfort of our couch. Hopefully, we will get them back on the track soon so we can resume our Sunday routines.

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